Now, most of us don’t really care much for anger, understandably. It can and likely will bring a consequence eventually, whether you like it or not. Anger can range from very small arguments about dessert to very big things that can jail you, and that’s why you need to keep it in check. In this paper, there will be ten ways to deal with anger, without violence of course. Closing your eyes and counting for a set amount of time can help. This method can temporarily take you away from your problems for a short time. All you have to do is close your eyes for a set amount of time. While you’re counting, you tend to focus on the number your on, and that problem gets thought over while you focus on the numbers. When you get back, you tend to have a bit more of an idea of what to do with the situation. One of the other good things with this method is that you can do it reasonably close to anywhere, assuming you have ok balance, you could do it standing up too. You just might look a bit weird standing in the middle of the street or coffee shop, with your eyes closed and being silent.Walking away is also an option. If you walk away, you can take a break, eat something, take a nap. It generally just gives you time to calm down, and as i said before, take a break from whatever problem you’re  going through. Of course, you do have to return to the problem, but you should be calmer and more level headed after this. There is one flaw or two, you can’t really use it at an important event or meeting. There might be consequences for that moment you walked out of a wedding or a important business meeting, so it might not be the best method for some important or serious settings. This works better at home, at a friends house, and friendly settings.Finding a way to make yourself smile or laugh can help calm you down. Smiling, laughing, jokes, they all generally can help with calming you down or killing your stress. Because they manage to make you happy, they take your mind somewhat off of the problem at hand, and provide a temporary distraction. This, like some of the other methods, lets your mind think over the problem and calm down at the same time, and afterwards, most of the time, you have an idea of what to make of the conflict after that good laugh from that pun someone just cracked. Places that it is a bad idea for this method would be important business meetings, funerals, very serious places, or in the library. This is good for casual settings, like coffee shops, at home, friends houses, the park, and more.Letting go of grudges and asking forgiveness for your negative actions can help with regret or remorse. This is more like a way to get rid of some of your anger, but letting go of grudges helps with it. It may not be a way to hold off or defeat current anger, but it can lessen overall guilt, anger or frustration that have or were welling up in your body. If you forgive the person or thing that wronged you, like if your friend hit you, typically it lessens the guilt or anger given from hating that person or object for the action they did. The same can be said if you wronged someone, guilt or regret can build up inside you, aiding anger and frustration. If you forgive someone or ask for forgiveness it can help in general because the anger, hate, guilt, regret or other tends to leave after that. And one of the best parts about it, is you can let go of grudges anywhere. The only odd thing about asking forgiveness from a friend is you need to talk to him in person.Time outs may sound childish, but they still help too. Time outs can be good for not just you, but also people around you. If you take a time out, like five or ten minutes from the situation, it can provide you with a much needed mind break from the issue. Taking a time out can vary from walking away for a few seconds, to even going to bed and looking at the issue in the morning. It can also give other people a break from the situation, time to take a bath, get a drink, maybe grab something to eat. Time outs are not just for children, as goofy as it might seem. You typically can take a time out at home conversations, casual meetings, but they, fortunately or not, ideally wont work at work unless you count the breaks they give you. They likely also wont work at meetings.You can always take a step back, and don’t forget to breathe! Stepping back, like a walking away or a time out, but shorter and introduces breathing. Walking away and taking a deep breath or two is good, it can help you calm down.  Focusing on deep breaths can ease your mind a bit, and take your mind off of the issue, giving you time to calm down and get a bit level headed, and it only takes a few minutes. This can be done almost anywhere, given you don’t have to put one hundred percent of your focus into a single thing at the moment. Some places where this would be bad to use is during a speech, or as i said earlier, something that requires all of your energy.Thinking about something that makes you happy can help calm you down. Memories can contain power, which is why you need to harness your inner happy when you’re on the verge of having a raging fit. When your angry, and you take a moment and think, and you think of a good, happy memory, it calms you down quite a bit, does it not? This is likely because you are focusing a bit more on the memory then the thing that’s making you mad or exasperated. If this does not help any, try closing your eyes, as this will help you think of whatever is in your head as opposed to the thing troubling you. This can be done anywhere, just make sure that you don’t dwell too long in dreamland if you have something important to do, as this might not result well.Some foods and drinks like mangoes and tea calm you down. Foods or drinks like mango and tea can calm you down. This is because of a amino acids called L-Theanine and tryptophan, respectively. These two amino acids calm you down, make you happy. This is a nice, mostly convenient thing, namely because they are both in various food and drink, and mangoes happen to be delicious. The only possible problem with this is that they are foods. This  just means, however, if you are near lunch or a lunch break that you can eat mangoes and maybe drink some tea to help calm down.Try looking at the situation, problem, conflict, or argument differently, it might help to look at the situation in someone else’s eyes. I know that you might be flustered that a random stranger was mean to you, but you only see what you see. Try looking at the situation by the stranger’s perspective. He was likely mad about something else, something you might not have had a say in. While some people are mean, some people do it to make themselves feel better. The fact that they even really need to make people mad, sad, or possible worse to make themselves feel better is not a good thing, they might have something bad going on in the background, something they don’t want to share. And that’s fine and all, but they might need support, friends, something that they dont have and really need desperately. So while they might make you sad, just remember to take a moment and think about them; they might have something going on, they might need help. Anyway, what my point is, take a moment to think about that person, try not to be quick to judge.Remember to stay calm and listen to what the other person has to say. It be hard at times to not get mad, like me typing this out and it randomly deciding to type elsewhere, but it is really important to stay calm. Even though getting mad and doing rash and risky things might not get you in trouble, it will eventually, as it always finds a way. It is also very important to listen to the other person, as if you don’t do so, they might get mad, or frustrated because of it. It is important to stay calm, and remember to listen, as it can cause unwanted problems for more people than you.We all know anger is annoying and generally punishing, so this is ten ways to stay calm, though it is worth a note not all of them will work in all situations. I hope that they were helpful to whoever is reading this at this moment in time, and i hope that whoever is reading this has a good day.Works Cited: 1 2 3 4 ^5 6


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