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November 22nd 1963, was when president John F. Kennedy got assassinated.While grieving, the Americans started to wonder, how this event would change their lives. The people mainly wondered about the tragedy affecting domestic politics.Kennedy got assassinated right in the middle of his presidential run, meaning everything he was doing, and planning basically got interrupted. For instance; the tax cuts he proposed and the civil rights bill he proposed in february that same year had been delayed in congress. President Lyndon Johnson quickly addressed the congress after John F. Kennedy’s funeral.”let us continue” were the exact three words he used. And in the long run they definitely continued. But it was proven to be difficult. The effects this event had on America continue to reverberate today.A couple of months after Kennedy passed, the civil rights act got passed. He had proposed it when he was alive, but it wasn’t really going anywhere. However, after his passing Johnson made it a monument to kennedy. Claiming “this is what he would have wanted” The civil rights act had influenced minorities all over America, and it changed their lives for the better. This act getting accepted basically meant that women, people of color and people from a different national origin were protected against discrimination by the law.Legacy means life after death, and the more powerful your legacy is, the longer it lasts.In modern American history there’s no one who had a stronger legacy than mister Kennedy.When kennedy got assassinated, he had only completed fewer than three years of his first term but he had already become a huge success.The fact is that the presidents following him never really topped that. This elevated Kennedy’s legacy even more.John F. Kennedy’s legacy changed the lives of millions of Americans, maybe preset America wouldn’t have been as progressive as we know it today without his tragedy.