During the early 1800’s the paths of the north and the south began to grow in opposite directions, making simple compromises became harder and more difficult to deal with as the north continued to produce a large amount of abolitionists and the south never strayed from slavery. The south felt like the north was taking advantage of them in various ways. As the north and the south began to go their own ways they began to differentiate there became apparent disagreements in every aspect of a civilization. Politically, the south felt cornered.

They felt that there was only one option that could free the south from the biased compromises and rulings of the north, which was to secede from the union. Their social differences mainly was based on the issue of slavery while economically the north was very industrialized while the south continued to produce crops on plantations. In 1820 the bond between the north and the south was still strong enough to maintain peace and create compromises to honor each section of the countries beliefs. The Missouri compromise was an one of the last instances where the south showed that they could handle the north’s vastly different ideas.

The Missouri compromise was an act to keep the balance between the slave and non-slave states. The supreme court even made decisions that may have helped preserve the peace between the north and the south. The political parties became deeply entwined with the beliefs of north and south. The north being vastly republican while the majority of the south were southern democratic (Doc H). Each side wasn’t afraid to let their opinion be known to the public. The north had anti-slavery conventions where abolitionists could express their ideas. (Doc B).

Everything had to be either compromised or disagreed upon so it made sense for the north and south to eventually completely brake apart unless one side could change. In the late 1850’s the first talk of secession could be heard. This to some northerners was an outrage and believed to be highly unlikely to happen (Doc A). In the south many people saw it essential for the south to secede so that they could grow and expand in their own direction. The only way the south could truly be happy would to run the slave business with no stipulations or restrictions (Doc C).

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Ever since America got its independence there were many social differences throughout the United States. The main issue leading to the secession of the southern states was the issue of slavery. The south wanted to own slaves freely without and revolt from the north. They did not want their slaves to escape and run to the free area of the north. Since the North did decide to eventually ban slavery to compromise with the south they passed a law that stated the northerners had to return the slaves they found back to the rightful owners of the south.

The north in this case did not hold up their end of the deal even though they were bound to by the constitution. Daniel Webster even thought that the south was correct in this matter and the north should do whatever it could to keep the south from seceding (Doc D). Northern abolitionists almost seemed to hurt rather than help the matter of the south feeling trapped. During John Brown’s raid a few men took a hold of a base where munitions and artillery were kept in a violent act.

These men were caught and hung but it proved to the south that the north was ready to die in order to end slavery. The south viewed their slaves as their property while the north thought they were stealing peoples lives. Each side had their own opinion and defended their beliefs freely until it would end up in war. The north had always been more economically diverse than the south. As the mid 1850’s approached the south had almost all of its economy invested in one main crop with slaves running the show while the north had come very industrialized and diverse.

The north had many trade businesses going for them while they were not any more rich than the south but they had many ways of making money so that if one crashed they would not be harmed. The north wanted to take slavery away but this seemed unfair to the south since the most of the jobs held by northerners did not require a large number of slaves to do the dirty work. The south felt that if they tried to take slaves away they would be better of as their own section of the country free from the north’s ruling so that they could prosper on the plantations.

Slowly it became apparent by late 1850 that the south was almost entirely different than the north not that it was necessarily a bad thing but in all it was hard to operate a country when each had its own ideas. The south officially had had enough when South Carolina seceded and other states soon followed. This was bound to happen after all the years of arguments and disputes. Some southerners knew deep inside that the idea of slavery was wrong they just had no other option to turn to so they were forced to defend it.


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