Nature and prompt construction of his dream resort.

Nature of the business Genting Berhad is associated with oil palm plantations, life sciences, biotechnology, oil and gas, power generation, property development, and leisure and hospitality. Their enterprise extends in Malaysia, its country of origin Indonesia, India, United Kingdom, Bahamas, United States of America, Singapore, and China. History The start of Genting was when the founder, Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong in 1963 was involved in a hydroelectric power project in Cameron Highlands.

While relishing in the fresh cool mountain air, he visualized the concept of Malaysians yearning for a holiday resort in the cool mountains within close proximity. Thus is 1963 he started to map the topography of an area with engineers and surveyors which is now known as Resort World Genting. In his autobiography Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong details the struggles of going through the thickset jungles, climbing over steep mountains and crossing thorough various streams to reach the summit. However he had motivation and was wonderstruck by the heavenly beauty of the mountain and its chilly weather. Surrounded by dense jungle and rocky terrain the idea of building a resort seemed nearly impossible. On 27 April 1965 they acquired the go-ahead for the alienation of 12,000 acres from the Pahang and Selangor State government. By 18 August 1965 the technical and construction began colossal job that took 4 year to finish just the access road to Genting. Tan Sri Lim dedicated his capital, resources, time anf family financial reserves to ensuring safe and prompt construction of his dream resort.

 Resort World Genting has since grown to a 18-stoery hotel now recognized as Genting Grand. Subsequently they have a golf & country resort known as Awana Hotel, resort hotel and Genting indoor themepark, outdoor themepark, highlands hotel and genting skyway cable car system  Genting has also diversified from its primary hotel and resort venture to cruise enterprise since 1933, plantation since 1980, power generation and oil & gas exploration activities and biotechnology research activities since 2006.  Genting now is championing a multinational corporation in Malaysia and has been recognized by many for their excellent leadership and management. After Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong retires on December 2003 and passed away in 23 October 2007. His son Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay has been leading the company and taken over as chairman of Genting Berhad. Tan Sri Lim has since expanded Genting ‘s international omnipresence including opening resort World Sentosa in 2010. Then opening resort world casino new york city in 2011, resort world bimini, Bahamas in 2013 and resort world Birmingham, uk in 2015. Lastly with resort las vegas which construction should end around 2018.



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