Natural fortune are a hindrance to safety and

Natural fortune are a hindrance to safety and productivity, often resulting in enormous disaster . In edict to decrease deprivation es from these disasters, governments implement engine room and non engineering root . For representative , the US Fed Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is a systematic program upholding the procedures before, during, and after disasters. There are four main procedures from FEMA, centered on reception , recovery, readiness , and moderation . The main intention of the strategies and policy designed and held in these procedures is to prevent and/or to decrease any serious occurrent of loss.

However, the occurrence of exit depends not only on the number of the insurance policy implemented but also on the efficiency of these strategies are. Aside from these, loss is also affected by the cancel /mixer conditions that the community or distribution of these Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) of noun element in a hazardous expanse . However, the overall efficiency of a mitigation program has been treated only recently in related study fields. The importance of picture therefore becomes a major concern in disaster mitigation. It has been found that element that lead-in to disasters include not only destructive natural hazards but also vulnerability factors, such as environmental and social factors, and human activities.

The definition adopted by the United Nations in the International Strategy for Disaster Reducing (ISDR)I ) is spokesperson , which states that vulnerability is a set of conditions and processes resulting from physical, social, economical, and environmental factors that step-up the susceptibility of a community to the impact of hazards. Several extended models introduced this definition. Wisner2) mentioned that vulnerability is generated for economic, social and political processes. Turner3) evaluated vulnerability from exposure, sensitivity, and resilience . Bohle4) divided vulnerability into internal and external constituent s: internal part as being


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