Narrative Report for Ojt

Holy Angel University College of Business and Accountancy Angeles City In partial fulfillment of the requirement in SPRACTICUM2 NARRATIVE REPORT (A report on-the-job-training) Prepared for: Ms. Carolina Intal Prepared by: Heizel S. Lapuz Date: December 14, 2010 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS AND ACCOUNTANCY HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY ANGELES CITY OUTLINE FOR NARRATIVE I. The Goals of My Off-Campus Practice A. Personal Skills B.

Business Skills II. Company’s Background/Profile III. The Nature of the Work in My Office IV. Getting along on the job A. New Friends I acquired B.

Rules and Regulations of the office • For the Employees For the student Trainees C. The Floor Plan of my Office V. A. An Evaluation of my Training 1. Office Procedures I Learned and Applied a. Meeting the Public in Person b. Meeting the Public by Telephone 2.

Processing Incoming and Outgoing Mails/Postal Services 3. Filing Systems and Procedures B. Office Equipment Operated C. Duties and Responsibilities/Work Done in the Office VI. Observed Organizational Values • Interpersonal Relationships • Working Relationships with the Executive & Co-Workers • Teamwork • Quality of Service Delivered • Punctuality • Personal GroomingVII. Problems Encountered During my Training & How I Solved Them.

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VIII. Recommendations/ Feedback for Off-Campus Training A. Personal Skills Every man was born to learn, that it is in his system to discover, find answers that satisfy his questions, install these into his memory and apply these to his daily living.

As it is related to my off-campus practice, first you have to be born be part of a society, discover the environment going around you, tickle your brain to solve and answer the questions and problems encountered, soothe and absorb everything that is occurring, remembering and use them in your living.This off-campus practice has helped me a lot to develop and enhance more my personal skills and to get along with the life of others. It has improved my moral personality, help me to adapt and cope up with the different situations arising around me. With this practice/training, I improved more my self-motivation that drives to a view of learning into my own responsibility. I am now much motivated, in doing and accomplishing things.

I became more observant and sensitive on what is happening to my environment.I gain more self-confidence in facing people, solving office problems, and asking questions when you do not understand some things. You must be optimistic in everything you do so that you have the inspiration and dedication in accomplishing responsibilities. In same manner, while I am learning to improve my personal skills, I know that I have helped other people, and I can say that I am not just useful to myself but also to others. I also learned to value every tick of the clock, and that time is gold. Pack full of patience to confidence, and myself as well and being empathic to other people.

All of this has helped me to develop my personal skills, but I know this are not yet enough, and I have a lot more to develop skill to be better so that when I graduated and about to go along with the busy business world, I can acquaint and go along the flow of the life’s rhythm. B. Business Skills While the things I have encountered and experienced with the past month, I have learned a lot from the people around me, and in return, I want to share what I have learned from my experiences. “Experience is the best teacher”. Yes, this is true. With many things that I have encountered and experienced, gain me a lot to improve my business skills.

Of course, we cannot avoid mistakes in everything we do, we must think positively, be optimistic, so that we can be motivated on what we are doing and we can minimize the mistakes that we might incur in accomplishing tasks. I had also enhanced my human relation skills in which I learned to be confident, gain confidence in making friends, socializing to others and also improve my own personality, improve to be an efficient person. This off-campus practice had have really helped me a lot. I have learned many office works, such as filing, answering telephone calls, fax documents, computer works and justifying business statements.This training/experience will really helped me a lot when I’ll start to find job suited for me and ready to be part of the business world. Integrated Bar of the Philippines Pampanga Chapter IBP Building, Capitol Grounds San Fernando, Pampanga Tel.

Fax No. (045) 963-5007 INTEGRATED BAR OF THE PHILIPPINES The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP for short) is the official organization of all Philippine lawyers whose names appears in the Roll of Attorney’s of the Supreme Court. The IBP started to come into being when the Supreme Court created on October 5, 1970, the Commission on Bar Integration which was tasked “not only to scertain the advisability of integration of the Bar, but even more, to serve as a common vehicle of the Court and the Bar in fashioning a blueprint for integration and putting the same into actual operation. Republic Act No. 6397, which became effective September 17, 1971, confirmed the power of the Supreme Court to adopt rules of court to effect the integration of the Philippine Bar. Then on January 9, 1973, the Supreme Court, by a per curiam resolution, pursuant to its constitutional mandate, ordain the integration of the Bar in accordance with its Rule 139-A, effective January 16, 1973.Within the next succeeding months, the IBP was organized. On February 17, 1973, local chapters all over the country were finally formed and elections for chapter officers were held.

Then on March 17, 1973, the first batch of representatives to the IBP Chapters nationwide convened in Manila and elected its first set of IBP Governors. FUNDAMENTALS OBJECTIVES OF THE IBP Under the organization’s By-Laws, its fundamental objectives are as follows: -to elevate the standards of the legal profession -to improve the administration of justice -and to enable the Bar to discharge its public responsibility more effectively.To concretize these purposes, the IBP undertakes programs and activities which are, in the words of its First National President, Justice J. B. L. Reyes, “geared to the making of the Bar an active agent o social change in order to accelerate our country’s progress toward a just society.

” PROFESSIONAL REGULATION AND UPLIFTMENT To effectively implement the first objective of the IBP,, this premier lawyers’ group had endeavored to codify all rules of professional conduct of attorneys. It had earlier drafted a carefully prepared Code of Professional Responsibility which was submitted to the Supreme Court.The same was approved and promulgated by the Supreme Court on June 21, 1988. But while a well prepared code of ethics for Philippine lawyers exists, its effective enforcement is a primary concern, thus the need for a practicable program of sanctions through a Grievance Procedure. The Supreme Court has also since, approved the Grievance Procedure proposed by the IBP. Know as Rule 139-B, this Grievance Procedure gives the IBP the right to Police its own ranks by empowering it to initiate the government service.

Approved by the Supreme Court en banc on April 12, 1988, the Rule took effect June 1, 1988.IBP’s effect to make effective the discipline process has been complemented by a well formulated plan to improve professional competence and skills. Through its continuing legal education program, lawyers all over the country attend regular seminars and symposia on particular and the public in general. Part of this program is the publication of the IBP Journal and IBP Newsletter in compliance with the purpose of keeping the members as well as the public aware of current legal problems and their solutions as well as significant news in the legal profession.IBP has been conducting the regular monthly IBP forum wherein prominent government officials and personalities are invited to address current and relevant issues for the purpose of taking a stand in them. ADMINISTRATION OF JUSTICE Toward the objective of improving the administration of justice, the IBP has, since its inception, been given important involvement in the selection of officers to man the various courts in the country. The IBP in this regard has always recommended for appointment to the judiciary IBP members of proven competence, integrity, probity, and independent.A most significant relief in the pursuit of this objective was acceptance of the IBP’s idea for an independent screening body in the selection of individuals for the judiciary.

Originally proposed as the Commission on Justice, the Judicial and Bar Council now enshrined in the present Constitution has the principal function of recommending appointees to the judiciary. The IBP is the only lawyers’ group permanently represented in this constitutional body. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITYTo advance the third objective, which is to enable the Bar to discharge its public responsibility more effectively, the IBP has undertaken numerous projects, the most notable of which are its Legal Aid Program, Development Legal Aid Program, and the various project of its Committee on Human Right and Due Process. A. Legal Aid High on the list of priority project of IBP is its Legal Aid Program.

The program extends free and competent legal services to indigent and deserving members of the community. The National Committee on Legal Aid runs the program which it implements through all the IBP Chapters scattered nationwide.The program has been named “Chief Justice Roberto Concepcion Legal Aid Program” in honor of the late Chief Justice, its long-time Chairman, under whose able guidance and leadership hundreds of thousands of poor litigants all over the country have been served for free. B.

Development Legal Aid The Integrated Bar has recently taken up lawyering for public interest. As distinguished from traditional legal aid, the beneficiary of developmental legal aid is not an individual and his personal interests but a class or a group of persons who face a common problem arising out of social conflicts in society. C. Human Rights and Due Process Projects.IBP members have long been involved in human rights violation cases.

To render more effective assistance in these endeavors’, a Committee on Human Rights and Due Process was created under the Chairmanship of IBP President Emeritus Justice J. B. L. Reyes. The Committee was specifically established for the purpose of monitoring cases of violation of human rights and the constitutional right to due process.

The more popular ones handled by the Committee were “hamletization cases” in Davao and other parts of Mindanao, the “ASSO and PDA cases, “ the “Escalante massacre case,” and other slaying and “salvaging cases. The Committee has since looked into the problems of migrant workers, comfort women and other special sectors of society. IBP’s presence is recognized in the wide spectrum of government a society.

Its stand is sought in matters of legislation and in important issue affecting the citizenry. Among the issues it took a stand on were the rollback of oil prices, the constitutionality of the VAT Law, the illegal arrest and detention of Filipina domestic helpers in Malaysia, and the military ases issue.The IBP is given key roles in government projects and programs such as the amnesty process, judicial administration, and the BIR project to give recognition to outstanding revenue districts. As before, IBP tirelessly works in concert with all well meaning sectors of society who believe that our country can regain its stature as a respected and recognized member of the world community. Integrated Bar of the Philippines Pampanga Chapter BOARD OF OFFICERS 2009-2011 ARAMIS C.



DAYRIT MARIA IMELDA Q. TUAZON Immediate Past President I had my on-the-job-training at Integrated Bar of the Philippines Pampanga Chapter located at Capitol Grounds San Fernando Pampanga. We were three trainees in the office and two employees. They are Ma’am Maria Fe Domingo, the secretary of Atty. Aramis Benoza and Ms.

Evangeline Salonga, the keeper of the IBP building. The two employees have their own table. The office has big space to accommodate many people.The office has a good ambience that can give you a desire to work patiently. My usual work is filing, sorting, photocopying, faxing, and manipulating computers. Ma’am Maria Fe Domingo, is the one who handles us. We called her Ma’am Fe.

She is the one who gave us task to work. She always guides us on what we are doing, and before she will give the task, she will first explain it clearly to us. Therefore, our part is to accomplish the assign task to us, properly and accurately. When we are finished on what we are doing, we will give it back then to Ma’am Fe. Then another task is waiting for us to accomplish.

Now I enter the office, there is a work waiting for me. Atty. Aramis Benoza also command us to do things for him, he command us to photocopied many documents, and so the other lawyers.

We feel comfortable working, because they also treat us, as their colleagues, also. Whenever I ask questions, they answer me pleasantly and instruct us properly and patiently. In doing all these work, I always have the fear that I might do things wrong, so before I will start doing the work, I will make sure that the instructions were clearly directed to me. Whatever work we started, we have to finish it before we can proceed to the other works.In everyday, each one of us is busy accomplishing our designated task; we are all quiet unless one will crack jokes to break the silence in the office. We don’t almost noticed the time passing because of our works, sometimes works are complicated, presence of mind is needed, of course, patience and motivation so that we can finish our work.

Even though, we have lots of work to do, a background music is playing accompanied to us, that make us feel relax and uncomfortable and enjoying on what we are doing. New Friends I acquired (from left to right), Atty. Mendoza, Atty.Christian Caylao, Michelle (one of the trainee), Atty. Imelda Tuazon, Atty. Jose Elmer Teodoro, Atty. Mallow Benoza, Jomylyn (one of the trainee) and me.

This was taken at the Christmas party venue. Michelle, Atty. Christian Caylao, Atty. Apollo Umadhay, Atty.

Gerome Tubig, me and Jomylyn. They were one of the lawyers that we acquainted at the Christmas party. Atty. Christian Caylao, Atty. Mallow Benoza, me, Jomylyn, Michelle, Atty. Apollo Umadhay and Atty. Ryann Rueda.

With Atty. Wilfrido Mangiliman and Atty. Ryann Rueda With Atty. Odgie Cayabyab.

He was one of the host in the Christmas party.With Atty. Sagmit, He requested to take a picture with me. LEGAL AND SPECIAL HOLIDAYS The Bank observes the following legal and special holidays: • January 1 (New Year’s Day) • Maundy Thursday • Good Friday April 9 (Araw ng Kagitingan) • May 1 ( Labor Day) • June 12 (Independence Day) • Last Sunday of August (National Heroes Day) • November 1 (All Saint’s Day) • November 30 (Bonifacio Day) • Muslim Eid-ul-Fitr Feast (movable holiday) • December 25 (Christmas Day) • December 30 (Rizal Day) • December 31 (Bank Holiday) Other holidays declared by the President of the Philippines from time to time.

Office Procedures I Learned and Applied Communication and Public Relation Meeting the Public in Person Meeting the public in person is a part of human relations. It is how you deal people in public; it is how well you get along and socialize with others. In my situations, I am a trainee at the Integrated Bar of the Phil-Pamp. Chapter; we always meet and entertain many clients for the lawyers. We were the one who assigned to entertain clients that entered in our office/bldg. Whenever we have clients in our office, we entertain and greet them in proper way and pleasantly.

To entertain them, we must have something to say and asked their purpose and if they have an appointment in their respective lawyers, of course, it must have the sense. Although I did not deal so much in meeting people in public because it was Jomylyn that always entertained them, it helped me to develop my business conversations. I gain more friends and I develop my tack and adaptability. I also enjoy it though it was so rare. After we had conversations, I always say thank you. It is not difficult to deal with other people for as long you are showing respect to them.

Meeting the Public in TelephoneMeeting the public in telephone is quite similar in meeting them in person. We really have to possess a good manner and know how to observe proper telephone etiquette. We have to answer the phone promptly and we have to listen attentively to the caller and be a good speaker and listener too. Be friendly in answering a call. In my case, I always answer telephone calls, I will make sure that I have greeted and talk to them pleasantly.

I answer their questions promptly and make sure that the information I am giving them is right and concise. They were always asking for Ma’am Fe because she is the secretary of the IBP-Pamp.Chapter.

I asked their name and their purpose before I gave the telephone to Ma’am Fe. With this kind of communication, I developed more my speaking and listening skill and I improved how to pronounce words correctly. Communicating properly in telephone, entertaining people and customers at your best will make our image good and not just ours, but the image of the company and be one of their best assets.

Processing incoming and out coming mails/postal service. Processing incoming and out coming mails is one of the procedures that our professor in Office Procedure had taught us.In my case, I always undergone with the processing incoming, outgoing mails, and incoming fax in our office. I marked a received stamped all the incoming mails and while we go to the Post Office for the outgoing mails for security purpose and signed it to my boss in the incoming fax.

Ma’am Fe requested us to process all the incoming mails and give it to the designated lawyers. This was one of my works in our department. Filing Systems and Procedures From the time I hired as trainees in IBP-Pamp. Chapter, filing is one of the usual works we are doing. Every now and then, I always filed a notice of order for the different lawyers.At the time/day, we started working in IBP-Pamp.

Chapter; there are many documents that have we have to finish to type. We are the one who type the delinquencies of all lawyers and different affidavits for the clients. Honestly, I am not impressed with their filing system. Ma’am Fe is not very organized, she didn’t know where she put an important file and asked our help to find and locate that file. We really have to file all the notice of order properly, because these are important for lawyers. Organize filing system is very useful for us to get and determined easily what files are needed.Office Equipment I Operated Computer I always used the computer for typing different affidavits for the clients and certification for lawyers.

PRINTER I operated these printer. When there is paper jam occur, they call me to fix it. I always operated a telephone; I answer all the incoming calls. I will greet them in pleasant way and ask how I can help them, if they wanted to talk to Ma’am Fe or Atty.

Benoza, I will ask first their name so that I can immediately know who the caller is. We have three (3) telephones in our office, the handset telephone, the wireless telephone and the Fax Machine.At first, I am nervous to answer the telephone but Ma’am Fe encourages me to answer the phone and to greet them properly. Sometimes, I operated the fax machine, when the lawyers requested us to fax their stenographic notes in their office. In our Office Procedure, our professor taught us on how to operate the fax machine so I know how to operate it. Typewriter.

I operated this office equipment. At first, I wasn’t nervous to operate it, because I used it before in one of our subjects and in my past school. Administrative Duties and Responsibilities Handling telephone calls I scanned a document for Ma’am Aileen.Manipulating the photocopying machine. Processing the incoming calls. Sending a faxed copy of the daily time record of the janitor. Typing in the electric typewriter. Ma’am Karen Guiang command me to type some documents.

Waiting for the printed copy. Filing the 201 files of employees. Interpersonal Relationships It is not that easy to get along with others especially if you are not in level with the age. Of course, every one of us has different way of thinking. Therefore, you must be careful in associating and socializing to everyone, respect begets respect. In the office, I find that easily along with them.I am not nervous to mingle with them, because they are approachable persons. They even share their personal life to everyone to inspire us in the office.

They share what they have to others. They did not treat us as others in the office. They treat me as one of their colleagues.

To that makes me comfortable with them. If Ma’am Fe arrived in the office earlier, she work immediately because I think her time is very important. After that, we will start our own respective task, whenever they ask me to do something for them; they teach me how to do it first.

They will explain it clearly to me.As we do our work, they always have some jokes, share their humorous incident to everyone, and tell their funny experience that makes us laugh and lessen our seriousness and stress in the work. They were so concern about me and in return, I show and gave them respect for being so good to me. They know their limit when they crack jokes and making fun with someone. The day would not be complete if they do not share jokes and tease each other. It is so very fun to be with them.

My interpersonal relationships in the office, I acquired more friends and develop more confidence in dealing with other people.I learned to adapt and adjust to the environment and persons I work with and how well I socialize with other people. It is very important to learn, how to interact with others. When it is time for me to be a part of a company, I can say that I am now aware on how to get along well with my colleagues and how to be considerate to others as well.

Personal Grooming Proper personal appearance and grooming reflects the personality of a person. Having a healthy body is one of the factors of a well-groomed person. Proper condition of the body is needed in everyday living. Our health was connected to everything we do.Healthy really affects in our work, in all. A well-groomed person reflects the entire whole. Our physical well being, which is important to gain, to have efficient and effective performance in every activity we do.

Personal appearance literally means, on how we dress ourselves, on how we carry our clothes to achieve a good appearance. The way we dress ourselves is really will be the first impression that other people will notice about us. In choosing, the attire is sure it based on our personality to bring out the real us, but be sure that it is always appropriate in the environment we are socializing.In this off campus practice, I learned that having a proper appearance and grooming is important to establish a good rapport to others.

Therefore, we must groom ourselves well, to work good and pleasing to others because what we wear reflects our entire appearance. All of the staff in the office were properly groomed and has a pleasing appearance; they maintain this by having a monthly check-up which is an incentive given to them by the company. Good healthy body is the reflection of a good appearance and well-groomed person. PunctualityPunctuality is one of the good traits in an employee, because it shows on how he/she dedicated in the work. In my case, I time in at exactly 8:00 a.

m. , so I have enough time to work and focus my attention when they gave me tasks. I have time to prepare myself. I noticed that my boss were very punctual because they were time in before 8:00 a.

m. or exactly 8 a. m.

, they work until 12 p. m. , and they would finish their work on time. They will time out at exactly or after 5 p. m.

, because their motto is Time is Gold. I extended my time because I wanted them to notice my effort of being a trainee.Before I leaved our office, I make sure that the office is very clean.

For me, punctuality shows the attitude of a person, because it can make a good impression to other people if we our punctual all the time. Working Relationships with the Executive & Co-Workers My working relationship with Ma’am Fe and other lawyers we met was good, I respected them and I showed how diligent and industrious I am. I gave all my best in my worked so that they cannot comment something on my work. They gave me also the respect and treat me as their colleagues because they shared and gave us what they ate.They always treated as good.

Whenever there is occasion in our office, they always gave us foods first before they ate. I was happy working with them. Teamwork Teamwork is important in an office because it can make the work easier.

Lawyers help each other and ask favor if they did not know the process. They show how they work as a colleague. They show us the true sense of teamwork and important it is in the office. They finished their work on time and help their co-lawyers if they have trouble in their work so that they have time for their siesta before they went home.I noticed that when the other lawyers have a problem on their work, they help each other.

In our case, we were three trainees so we assigned each work so that we can finish our work on time. We work quietly and focus our attention on details so that Ma’am Fe can impress in our work. If we need help, we call Ma’am Fe to help us. Teamwork wins championship like in a work, Quality of Service Delivered Quality of Service Delivered shows on work properly and to impress our customer or superior.

We have to satisfy their expectations so that they would not forget on how we work.Whenever they gave me a work, I make sure that I will give my best to make it perfect and neat. I want to satisfy them on the quality of my work. I want to show them on how I work and what the quality of my service for them. I focused all my attention in my work and examined it properly if there are errors so that I can change or removed it immediately. I do not want to get critics from my boss about how I work. Nevertheless, sometimes mistakes make us perfect and we can learn from our mistakes.

I saw and observed that Ma’am Fe were very strict in how they file and to their work.During my training at CEL RCLC, I had encountered my first problem on my second day. It is in the telephone incident, because it was Tuesday so the 3 Montessori Trainee was present, Florence Espargoza was in charged in answering all the incoming calls. At that time, the caller wanted to talk to Sir Noel Santos of RLCOC, at that time, Florence did not asked the name of the caller. I initiated to approach Sir Noel to tell him that he has a telephone call and then he asked me the name of the caller but I do not know how to answer because I am not the one who answered the phone.He scolded me because I did not ask the name of the caller.

I learned my lesson to that incident so whenever I answered the telephone, I asked first the name of the caller and the purpose of the call. Another situation that made me nervous and problematic is when Ma’am Cecille Cocjin commands me to file many documents. The three Montessori Trainee help me to file it, because I cannot finish on time, there were 4 folders and I have to punch the documents while file them. I am excited because I am the one called by Ma’am Cecille. When we finished filing, I gave it back to Ma’am Cecille.On the next day, when I am on my way to the office, I received a text from Ma’am Christine Herico, that we had a mistake in the filing yesterday, and that Ma’am Cecille was very disappointed with me, she wanted to talk to me. When I approached the office, I do not know how to react and I am not comfortable.

I talk to Ma’am Tintin what we have done, she said that we interchange some documents and we gave Ma’am Cecille a big problem. I was nervous when Ma’am Cecille called me and talked to me. She did not scold me but gave me a benefit of the doubt.She taught me on how to file properly and make it organize because there were many employee that may read it not only her. When my other bosses command me to file their documents, I did all my best to file them properly and make it organize. Problems are inevitable.

It is just a part of our life. Life would not be normal if we do not experience problems. We just have to be optimistic to solve problems that are coming through, because this will make us smarter and be more firm to ourselves. These training will really help us for future employment, but I would like to recommend that it would be better if we will give focus only in our OJT.My training help I to improve my skills because it is so much related to my course. Though I did not finished on time, still I had a chance to know my superiors more and to know them better. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I had only five hours to work though sometimes I extended my time, I out at 2:45 or 2:50 because my class start at 3:00 p.

m. I still have to attend my class that at that time I am so exhausted; sometimes I cannot concentrate on what we are doing in our class because I am tired.It was so hard to accomplished the training, but with my perseverance and training, I am proudly saying that I finished the required time because I was motivated by my family especially my mom, friends, and my professor, they gave me courage to pursue. In the other way, this off-campus practice had had really help us to enhance and develop our qualities and mostly our personality. I had learn a lot from this program, meet and socialize with many people, and of course, I had experience working in an office, be a part of a good company.


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