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Date: 22nd December, 2017                                                                         

Should Abortion be

One of the major fundamental philosophical issues ever
to exist involves a person’s

 definition as
well as the comprehension of who exactly can
feel. Notable scholarly

sources define abortion as the termination of
pregnancy, which is deliberate, and it is

among the most important
practical applications of this issue. Recent research by

authoritative authors has shown conclusively that life
on Earth is evidently threatened

with destruction mainly from overpopulation as well as
the poverty, which this

overpopulation causes. Luckily, abortion prevents and
decreases overpopulation

(Schwarz & Latimer, 2012). The paramount question
concerning whether abortion must

be done is fundamentally the question
regarding whether the fetus or the embryo is a

person. Scientific research has shown that the nucleus in most cases weighs 100 grams

and below and this is less than 10% of the human
brain. This paper will exclusively

expound on why abortion should be legal since it is
useful and since humans become

 conscious after
birth, not before (Shroyer, 2010).

Abortion is the intentional elimination of a pregnancy
before its full pregnancy period

has ended. The topic of whether abortion should be
illegal or legal has been a

contentious issue in the world. This is because abortion has been proven to
have both

benefits and threats to women health. Those opposing abortions claim that it is a

violation of the right to life of the unborn child and
that legalizing it would lead to

women more commonly using it as a way of getting rid
of their pregnancies. However,

the supporters of legalizing abortion, claim that
abortion can be used to improve

women reproductive health and can also be used in extraordinary situations such as

when the woman has been
raped or when the pregnancy threatens the life of the

mother. It is clear that both the supporters and
opposition have valid reasons for their

stands on abortion. Therefore, it is necessary that
every individual understands both the

reasons why abortion should or should not be legalized before he or she picks a side in

the debate.

A lot of people believe that women decide to partake
abortion merely because they are

not prepared or ready to become mothers. Whether true
or not, the decision is solely

for the mother to make, because there are a lot of
ways in which an unwanted

pregnancy can affect the life of an individual. The
unborn child could change a lot of

things, and that
may include items such as finances,
emotions, and living conditions as

well as the mental health of the mother. In 1973, the
Supreme Court in the US ruled in

the case Roe vs. Wade, women’s constitutional right to
abortion. Although most people

are of the idea that it’s morally
unethical for a woman to procure an abortion, most

people believe that the fetus or unborn child has
rights, the same way human beings

have rights and their rights may be even more
important compared to that of the

woman carrying the unborn.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, 2011
the respect for life in our country

has been tragically cheapened as a result of
abortions. They further went on to say that

the unborn babies were paying the highest price while
noting that we all pay the price


as our humanity and our willingness to protect the
least among us are diminished, bit by

bit. In all fairness,
I believe that society should not judge any woman who ultimately

decides to and or terminate a pregnancy. Yes, they may say that having an abortion is a

criminal act and that it should not be legal but how
exactly does the unborn fetus have

more rights than the pregnant woman? How can this be
the case when it is the mother

who is pregnant is involved and mostly affected, and
she is also involved in making all

decisions regarding life and caring for the unborn child?

            It is paramount to note that law and
ethics effectively protect people because
they are

able to feel and enjoy happiness. Many actions are
termed immoral since they cause

pain to innocent people. Thus, effects
are mainly considered as good if they cause

primarily to the society, which is the
collection of every conscious object. The term

in this research refers to the generic term for anything or anyone. Therefore,
to prevent

unbearable pain and abuses, which can destroy the whole society, each conscious

has to enjoy their fundamental rights of liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

is therefore defined correctly as a conscious
object whereas the embryo or the fetus is

conscious since it cannot feel (In Balkin
& Allen, 2005).

            The major problem facing the world
today is overpopulation and not under-population.

challenges occur mainly since the number of people existing is humongous, and

therefore, strain the crucial natural resources. This therefore means that not

person while leading to an average
benefit to the society. The choice of a mother in the

abortion of not creating a person also means that that person is
unwanted. Poverty throughout

world is linked to having many children,
abortion efficiently prevents such
situations, and it


in a reduction of poverty. Poverty also
contributes to crime. Thus, abortion reduces

There are other situations whereby a pregnant woman is economically challenged, and

evident that she cannot raise a child despite not being able to support herself

a situation will lead to her suffering as well as the suffering of the child
she will give birth

to; abortion can efficiently
prevent such suffering to humanity
(Schwarz & Latimer, 2012).

Currently, the debate is on
the partial-birth abortion ban act that had been signed into

law in 2003 by President Bush. This was the first ban on abortion since the 70s; this law

is being debated over by the country with several
states making their own. This law

requires the doctor who performs the procedure to face
up to 2 years in prison with the

mother not receiving any measure. However, the law gives an exemption to provide

women who felt their lives were threatened power to perform the procedure. The

major problem with the legislation of this issue is
the determination of the time the

fetus is considered to be viable (Myers, 2008).

            The issues remain that the number of reported abortion cases are rising every

to MMWR (2009), in the year 2006 the number of reported cases by the (CDC,

49 areas, were 846,181, which was a 3% increase from the previous year. The
fact that

is a great increase in the number of
cases of teenage pregnancies and more and more of

 the young get engaged in the sex act early. Moreover, most of these pregnancies are not

for and are unwanted by both parents and the adults (Guttmacher, 2009). Studies

that separations, divorces, and
relationship breakups have increased. Thus the need for

will also rise. From the early times,
abortion was condemned nearly by all the

and women faced rejection if they aborted. A woman who procures an abortion


be viewed by people in the society as she was considered
before because abortion is still

accepted by the community. Questions about whether it’s legal or not often arise all


            In accordance to Shroyer (2010),
there are medical reasons why pregnancy should be

such as a severe defect in an embryo. Down syndrome is a severe congenital

which is a crucial cause of mental
retardation in the world. Fortunately, this situation

be prevented through fetal testing
together with abortion. Research has also shown that

of pregnant women experience disturbances as well unbearable pain due to the

and it is a fundamental right of any person to have control over their entire

women should, therefore, be allowed to have the final decision on whether to

the pregnancy if their situation becomes unfavorable. Thus, abortion is beneficial,

it should frequently be encouraged and be legalized.

            According to In Balkin & Allen
(2005), the primary challenge has been to
classify objects

those which feel and those, which do not. It is also worth noting that feeling
is mainly

without comprehending. The only evidence that shows that an object is

can be obtained through the object’s
behavior observation and verification on the

unique ability to comprehend and think. Therefore, an object should possess a
set of

and strong features to be an observer to be granted
the noble fundamental rights of

The essential characteristics therefore form the paramount differences
between those

which feel and those, which do not. The characteristics
of those objects, which feel,

mental characteristics such as the
universal ability to solve problems, understand and

the ability to possess direct experiences in the memory and a full
comprehension of the

being conscious. Thus, an embryo or fetus cannot yet feel and it should not be granted

rights. A pregnant woman should have the fundamental and unrestricted rights to

the pregnancy (Schwarz & Latimer, 2012).

       When abortion is illegal it leads to women
endangering their lives while trying to get access

abortion services in the illegal market.
The illegal medical practitioners that perform the

are usually not well monitored and qualified. Therefore they give low quality

services that lead to women facing complications such as infections,
mutilations and

death. By legalizing abortions, abortions can be monitored by the government

so that they are performed in a way that
does not threaten the life and health of the

There are cases where women get impregnated against their own will like through

In this case, the woman might not want to keep the baby due to the emotional

trauma she went through when she was raped.
In this case, the woman should be

an opportunity to get rid of the baby. When the
pregnancy poses a danger to both the

lives of both the child and the mother. The mother might
have to abort to save her own life.

legalizing abortion can help in these extraordinary situations.

      Abortion is also one way that governments
can manage their population growth.  By

abortion, the state enables its citizens
to plan their families by getting rid of

pregnancies.  This will to the presence of a manageable population growth rate

will help avoid the problems associated with a rapid uncontrolled population

Some of this issues include population
congestion in urban areas, increased conflict

limited natural resources like water and food, poor health and poverty in
congested urban


      One reason for the opposition of
legalization of abortion is that it is claimed to be a violation

the right of life of the unborn child. The fetus is considered to be a living independent being

has a right to live. Hence, by undergoing abortion one is assumed to have
murdered the

child and therefore it should be illegal. However, those supporting abortion argue that

unborn child cannot be considered an
independent human being because it is sustained

the mother. Therefore, they claim the mother has a right on what
to do abort.

   Another reason for opposing the legalization
of abortion is that it will encourage more women

use abortion as a means of family planning. Couples would become more careless
and will

take the necessary control measures to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The easy
access to the

abortion services will lead to women having multiple abortions per person which will

to higher risk of reproduction health complications.

     According to most religions, any form of
life is regarded as sacred. Therefore,
most religions

abortion as murder because it result in the end of the life of the unborn
child. Hence,

religious groups are against the legalization of abortion.

Moreover, fetus removal is a disloyalty of a lady. A
fetus removal is murdering a part of

a woman, which is her child. Many individuals say that
when ladies get a premature

birth it isn’t kill since it isn’t an infant however
an embryo that is being slaughtered. Be

that as it may, in all reality it is kill since it is
a child that is being prematurely ended. A

few people say that when a lady gets a premature birth
before their 24 week it isn’t a

wrongdoing. Yet, the child can really be alive at
twenty a month (Ainsworth, 2008).

There is no pleasant for what reason to state this.
Albeit many individuals say well I can’t

take a gander at my companion as a murder or I can’t
take a gander at my mother as a

murder. Well what influences a fetus removal to kill?
A fetus removal is the end of a

pregnancy, which implies finishing a pregnancy.
Furthermore, finishing a pregnancy is

executing an unborn youngster. Murder is the executing
of an individual conferred by

another person. Truly, I know it sounds unforgiving
yet it is reality. At the point when a

lady is three to a month and a half pregnant the child
has a pulse, cerebrum waves, and

a spinal line. So it would not be viewed as an embryo
but rather an individual. Another

reason I say that premature birth is the same as
murder in light of the fact that if an

individual was to execute a pregnant ladies that
person will get sentenced for a twofold

manslaughter, for slaughtering the mother and the
unborn infant.

Then again premature birth might be ethically wrong be
that as it may, premature births

can cause different medical issues. Contingent upon
the sort of premature birth a lady

gets, there are diverse wellbeing dangers that can
happen with getting a fetus removal.

Getting a premature birth can cause a lady not to have
babies later on. Many individuals

have said that the child don’t feel it when a lady get
a fetus removal, that isn’t valid. The

infant feels it. Getting a fetus removal can make a
lady endure rationally, physically, and

inwardly. A lady can endure rationally in light of the
fact that she will dependably

ponder what it would have been similar to on the off
chance that she kept the child.

How might the infant look? A few ladies endure
socially in light of the fact that they

confine their self from the world. A few ladies lament
having the premature birth. Ladies

endure physically in light of the fact that the
strategy is excruciating. A few ladies feel

dejection, blame, uneasiness, deadness and
embarrassed, these are only a few mental

impacts that a lady may feel after a fetus removal
(Chittom, 2012). A few ladies have

endured long haul injury due to getting a fetus
removal as indicated by Lynn-nore

 (Chittom, 2012).
A few people contend that if premature births were illicit there would

be more wellbeing dangers. Be that as it may, I differ
in light of the fact that then lady

will surrender their child for reception. What’s more,
if lady where educated about

premature births and have a superior learning on fetus
removal, there would not be

wellbeing hazard if premature birth was unlawful. The
other wellbeing dangers that

ladies confront are diseases. A few ladies endure post
fetus removal disorder.

Numerous ladies have passed on as a result of a fetus
removal. There are real wellbeing

dangers in getting a fetus removal.

            In conclusion, abortion has shown
that it does not concern the killing of an object or

which can feel. Abortion should be decided after evaluating the net effect it
will have on

society since it is beneficial as a birth control. Abortion is 100% effective
as a birth control

it can be performed many months after having sexual intercourse. However,

be utilized as a supplement of the other birth control methods and not to
replace them

The right to abortion should be granted to the pregnant woman at all the stages

pregnancy and this right will be beneficial to the entire humanity. This right
to abortion will

enforce the essential concepts on the vital rights of the people to be able to

bodies, on people’s fundamental rights, equality of all the people and on who
is truly a

(Shroyer, 2010).

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