n his first novel, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle introduces his main characters, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, that would end up leaving an impact on the world forever. This book is the first of many in the Sherlock Holmes series. Part 1, of A Study In Scarlett, introduces the main characters. John H. Watson is a graduate of the University of London where he received his Doctorates degree in medicine. After graduating, he was sent to Afghanistan as a surgeon for the war. While there, Watson is struck by a bullet in the shoulder and suffers from Typhoid Fever. After healing slightly, he relocates to London where he lives a pleasurable life off of the government. This money eventually runs low and Watson is forced to search for different living conditions. One day Watson runs into an old friend by the name of Stamford. Stamford learns of Watson’s problem and knows of a man looking of a person to share an apartment with him. This man is Sherlock Holmes, a consultant investigator, the only of his kind. The two decide to inhabit a place at 221B Baker Street. Days go by as Watson watches the peculiar tendencies of Holmes. Finally Scotland Yard detective, Gregson, asks Sherlock to assist him in solving a recently committed murder. The murder was of a man who had been poisoned and the word RACHE was written in blood on the wall. Over the next few days Holmes, with the help of Watson, unravels the case. Another man shows up dead as a result of being stabbed, and in his room a box of pills is found. Holmes determines this to be the cause of death for the first murder victim, and from this concludes who the murderer is. The perpetrator is the cab driver Hope. Hope committed these Crimes out of revenge and love for a woman. Holmes comes to find out that there were two pills given to each man. One lethal pill and one perfectly fine one. The men were given a choice as to which pill they would take. The novel ends when we find out that Hope has an aneurism and dies before justice can be served. To develop A Study in Scarlet Sir Arthur Conan Dole uses devices such as flashback and foreshadowing . These elements provide a background for the story as well as the element of suspense.  DOYLE’S AND HIS WORKThe element of foreshadowing is used by Conan Doyle throughout the novel to establish clues as well as provide suspense. Conan Doyle uses many of Holmes’s words to leave the reader questioning about what Holmes knows that they do not. This used to provide the suspense in the novel. Doyle lived during the late Victorian Era. This era put an emphasis on literature as well as gothic styles of life. These new gothic styles were exhibited in the architecture, music as well as the literature. A second technique that Conan Doyle uses persistently is description. His use of description really pulls the reader into the story and makes he/she fell like they are a part. Through his use of description Doyle is able to incorporate characters like Dr. Watson. Dr. Watson is used not only as a companion for Sherlock Holmes and as a source of humanity but also as a way to explain Holmes’ thoughts and actions. Through Watson’s misunderstandings, the reader can understand Sherlock Holmes’ actions and reasonings. Besides being the first true detective writer and establishing the basis for what all detective stories are written on, Conan Doyle also brought about modern day forensics and criminalistics. Through his use of flashback, foreshadowing and gothic mood, Conan Doyle is able to establish a suspenseful detective series that is still appealing to people centuries later.


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