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My personal career goal is to become a pediatric nurse practitioner. To achieve this goal, I would have to finish college and obtain my bachelor’s degree in nursing. Then, I would complete graduate school and obtain my masters or Ph.D. in nursing. I would take the certification exam after I have obtained my degree. The process of deciding whether I would like to pursue a career as a pediatric nurse practitioner was not the easiest, but this course of action has helped me to define my career goal, be realistic about what I want, and plan with due consideration about the approach I should take to reach my goals.To become a nurse practitioner, I must meet the educational requirements. First, I would need to obtain my registered nursing licenses. This process usually takes two to four years depending on the school you attend and the program you are in. After obtaining my registered nursing licenses, I would need to enroll in graduate school to obtain my master’s degree or Ph.D. in nursing. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the average nurse practitioner’s pay is $107, 460 per year or $51.67 hourly. Nurse practitioner’s median annual wage consist of $100,910 alone. Like any other career, being a nurse practitioner has its ups and downs. A pro of being a nurse practitioner would be the job outlook. The employment in the nurse practitioner field is expected to increase by 31% over the next ten years. Another pro of being a nurse practitioner would be the opportunity to work in different settings while meeting different people. A disadvantage of being a nurse practitioner would be competition. Everyone thinks he/she is a better fit for the job compared to the other person, but it is up to the employer to decide. A nurse practitioner is exposed to infectious diseases on a regular basis which creates a problem, especially if your immune system is low. Being a nurse practitioner is physically and emotionally demanding because a person’s well-being is placed in your hands and you want to make the right decision without making any attachments. Another con of being a nurse practitioner would be the exposure to back injuries that result from pulling and lifting on the patients.According to the Holland Code quiz, I should work in a social work environment. The quiz went a little further and said that I should be in a cooperative, supporting, helping, healing, and nurturing environments. My highest score was a 15 and it was in the social and conventional fields. My second highest score was a 13 in the enterprising field. My third highest score was a 12 in the investigative and artistic fields. My lowest score was a two in the realistic field. According to this quiz, I should enter one of the following fields of work: educational, healthcare, therapists, or social work. At some point of my life, I have considered all the fields, but the nursing field stuck out like a sore thumb. After analyzing my research with an open mind, I concluded that I want to enter the nurse practitioner field of work. My expected graduation date from GMC is November 2019. I will be obtaining my associate degree in pre-nursing. I will then transfer to Augusta University to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. This will take me an additional year or two depending on whether I take summer classes or not. After graduating from Augusta University, I will then reapply and attend graduate school there. This will take one to three years. Therefore, by the year of
2024 I will be a pediatric nurse practitioner and my goal will be achieved.