My question to a legislator would be very simple.  Can you as a member of our legislature start
a movement to try to “really” make our world a better place for all?  I strongly believe that behavior is learned
and corrected, corrected and learned.  It
all comes down to human nature, and it is a process that repeats itself over
and over again.  If we can begin to make
very small changes just one person at a time, our world can become a more
caring and compassionate world, especially starting with our leaders.  Our society teaches its members how to
act.  If you look at preschool children,
they are not born mean, angry, or cold hearted. 
They don’t differentiate between black and white other than it being
simply a color.  They see people as
people.  Society has not yet had the
chance to teach them anything different. 
If we want the world to change, we need to start a positive movement to
do so.

We need just one leader to start the movement.  If our leaders begin to lead by positive example,
we could start to make impactful changes. 
Will you Mr. or Mrs. Legislature person be the one willing to stand out
and begin?  Our country faces real
challenges.  As reported in an article
from, murders in the United States rose by 8.6% in 2016, and in
2015 rose by 10.8% over 2014.  The website reports that violent crimes have risen for the second straight
year rising by 4.1% and the violent crime rate rose by 3.4%.  Crime is on the rise, and these results show
that simply just arresting people is not going to solve the problem – we need
to change at our core.  If positive
change begins, I believe we will start to see every other matter plaguing our
country such as equality, crime, racism, etc. impacted and begin to decrease,
but it can only begin with our people.  Our
people also need leaders that will lead by example and show to the world we can
be kind and accepting instead of arrogant, rude, and selfish. 

All we really need to do it learn to accept and
understand, not agree or disagree.  One
of my favorite quotes by Mahatama Gandhi is “Be the change you wish to see in
the world.”  If we want our country to
really be great, we all can help it get there by making positive changes in the
world around us every day with just one small action of kindness.  Say hello, pick up something for another
person, open a door, and let someone change lanes in front of you instead of
squeezing tight to not let them in.  A
simple kind action leads to a larger reaction. 
Kindness, it really can create a positive ripple effect and start a
movement.  There will always be good and
bad people… but if we can slowly over power the bad we can win.


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