My Third Eye By: Unicorn Summary It’s a story of a young lady, experiencing different kinds of paranormal activity. She started to feel the spirits when she was 5 or 6 years old. She is now 23 years old, and until now she hasn’t talked to someone like her. She even read some books, but she can’t get all the answers to the questions she have. Questions like: does she really have a third eye? , why she can hear, see or feel them? , or if she is normal or abnormal?.

She has a lot of experience with the spirits, which made her sick for several weeks and the way for her to get better is with the help of the albularyo. She also had experience of seeing dead people on her dream, who are seeking help for their death. She saw a family burned in old house, group of wounded soldiers, group of friends, apparitions, and even their ancestors who are talking to her on her dream. Some are thanking her and some are asking for prayers. In her 23 years of existence she got used to it, but still she doesn’t know how to deal with them.

New Idea Learned: I learned that even spirits / souls are frustrated. Frustration to remember them by their love once even they are gone, and frustration for their unfinished business here on earth and justice to those who died for nothing. Significant Ideas/Phrase/Lines: “”perhaps my purpose in life is to help give justice to souls who were the victims of injustice here on earth. ” Word/s in the text that I like to use in my own writing: I wish I could relate to somebody who has the same experience so I could understand myself more.

Ideas that I can relate to my previous knowledge: The reason we have to celebrate All Saints’ Day. We make our dearly departed truly happy during this occasion. Lest us remember to light a candle and bring flowers to your loved ones as often as you can. Ideas I want to learn more about: Paranormal activity, how to deal with the spirits, how to get used to it if you have a third eye, and how can you share it with others without seeing you as a different individual. Overall rating of the material:

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In general I would rate 8 for this article. There are a lot of stories about paranormal activity and for me its just one of the story that maybe I can relate as time goes by. It’s a nice shared story, she was asking for help and questions , which somehow you will think or wonder, how some individuals can handle those kind of situations? , I’m very amazed to those who can talked to spirits and get used to it as if its just a normal life for them, and to live life to the fullest.


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