My name is Amira Abdelaziz. I hail from Cairo, Egypt and I am now a proud Torontonian. Vis-à-vis my professional life, I have not taken what you would call a “traditional” path.I hold a B.D.S and MSC in Hospital Logistics Management. I have earned both degrees from Egypt with highest honours. As a dentist, I revelled in the clinical aspects of science, and it was during working in public dental clinics in Egypt that I have become aware of how pressing it is to obtain a harmonious flow of medical data along the continuum of care. Every so often I had been challenged by specific contexts that would affect my ability to improve my patients’ health. As the case with the deficient system designs of electronic records that could imperil the information integrity and consequently compromise the quality of care and threaten the patient’s safety. This sparked my interest in studying healthcare management.  The MSC of Hospital Management stood out to me for plentiful reasons.  It helped me cognise the complexity of health policies, the dynamics of quantitative management, and introduced me to the role of information technology in different Healthcare management applications and platforms.Additionally, the masters helped me develop functional teamwork skills, as the case-based learning approach endorsed me to work with my peers and renowned professors from different academic backgrounds.  This is an attitude that I have taken with me in my career, as a healthcare business development manager, I incessantly worked with colleagues, executives, and stakeholders across the management hierarchy. Lucratively, I worked on a novel project that lasted two years based on Mckinsey & Company “Health Maintenance Model”, its objective entails health promotion, risk screening and disease prevention. It has been a concrete application of my conceptual academics into an intense professional experience. I applied I delighted in working within a corporate health setting where I boned up on organisational agility, cultural change, team effectiveness, and capability building.  The whole experience polished my leadership skills.  This has been instrumental in my acceding role, as a Quality Director in an extensive healthcare corporate.My experience as Quality director encompassed consultation with policymakers on healthcare quality realms as Patient safety, Clinical governance, Key performance indicators, as well as inculcating the (Plan- Do- Check- Act) across the healthcare value chain.  Orchestrating educational seminars have been a stirring responsibility. I relished in developing and disseminating information in evocative and germane ways.I came to Canada by choice; I chose Canada because as much as it is fully diversified, it relies on core values of fairness, opportunities, and progressiveness; perspectives I so much desire for my children and their grandchildren. Living in Toronto means that I am in the right mix of futuristic forward-thinkers, policy-makers as well as outstanding culture, and the health informatics opportunities are endless.  All roads led me to the University of Toronto Master of Health Informatics; the program is unique in filling a niche at the intersection of the Canadian healthcare values and the brilliance of information technology. From the program, I will equip myself with the renowned mentorship provided by the program’s diversified faculty to broaden my horizons in addressing the ever-changing health determinants’ bottlenecks.Besides the vigour and the apt professional knowledge base the curriculum offers, I desire my learning experience to be active and hands-on; a quality provided in the programme through the full-time practicum.  This suits my learning paradigm; that is working through real health issues and putting pertinent theory into practice.The practical understandings will open opportunities for me to serve as a health informatics promoter and a change agent during the program and after earning the degree. As a previous dentist and healthcare director, I am passionate about seeking out creative and sustainable changes in our healthcare system to better the whole patient journey, addressing the clinical and the technical holdups in the system. Embarking in MHI is the stride I need to take to bridge the knowledge and experience I own with my sought future contributions. I reckon that the conjunction of my foundation as a dentist and care provider, years of healthcare quality management and extensive skills gained through working in corporate and large-scale healthcare settings will favourably forward me in uplifting my ambitions to fruition.Thank you for considering my application, I look forward to experiencing the program first-hand.


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