I don’t really have a limitation to the audience for my short story, as I wanted it to appeal to a wide range of audiences, as the message that’s being implied dominates range of opinions and ideology amongst several different people, and therefore this would allow them to appreciate it. I have done this, because I believe my short story is expanded in such a diverse way, that it not just involves, but engages many people. The primary purpose for my short story is to entertain, although it has an important secondary purpose to inform the society about the attitudes which are being prolonged in our democratic state.

I chose to write an entertaining as well as an informative piece, and aimed it at a wide audience spectrum, because the purpose will embed many rhetorical features, and also allow me to use an almost sardonic, yet sarcastic tone, to engage my intended audience. After studying the genre of society, I identified pragmatics of society language. A common feature underlining the concern of an individual’s needs. I imitated this by creating a silent voice, being the elderly man who analysis the concerns he is embarked upon, by three individual characters.

The discourse structure consisted of four monologues with regular stage directions, during the opening of every monologue, which was then seen as basic four-part narrative construction of focused situations these being; (The elderly man) a silent voice, (young boy) distressed grammar school student, (John) frustrated adult and a (Lily Hopkins) Health agony aunt. As my short story consists of four monologues; they all embed different lexemes, pragmatics, and ideology. However even after such a contrast, emerge together to construct an explicit piece.

Syntactically, I have used various different sentence structures mainly of complex, mostly provided with subordinate clauses. Simple sentences are used to emphasise a turning point or statement. I have also used some constructive simple sentences, to convey subliminal messages, in order to emphasise the key points of the argument, “If only the west would realise how fortunate they are. ‘ I have used a range of sentence types, mainly declaratives ‘gives you many health problems’. I have also used a wide selection of interrogatives, ‘you wouldn’t mind if one position itself on this tender surface? and exclamatives, ‘they expect me to give em ma dosh! ‘ As a result blend in well with the content. Most of the text takes a sarcastic and mocking tone towards the society, while still retraining a friendly tone towards the reader, therefore allowing them to see the jokes. I emulated this personal tone by adopting an almost chatty and sardonic tone. As there are 4 different monologues, the writing style varies. Although the writing is formal, there’s a fusion on colloquialism. The second monologue creates a northern English dialect, where I had to research my terminology, to make sure the lexemes used were appropriate.

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Rhetorical questions engage the reader in my style models, and therefore I used this throughout, “is everyone like this I wonder? “. Imagery and semantic field of society, wealth, poverty and stressed, fused in really well to maintain the right tone. As jargon is being used, some knowledge of pragmatics is necessary. “American cultural imperialism,” many people would need to understand what this is to relate to why its being used As a whole I believe that my short story has not just produced unique monologues, but also has developed a great argument, over a topic so conterversial in our current society.


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