My security logs and violation reports I will

My dream job title is “SecurityAdministrator”. As the SecurityAdministrator, I will be responsible for managing all IT-related securityand safety issues for the company.

I will acquire skills in developing systems andpolicies and overseeing the implementation of procedures to secure both companyand customer data. I will learn how to implement systems targetedtoward preventing malware infections of company’s computer hardware. This couldinclude company’s files and digital assets or reports.I will acquire knowledge to define network security issues, manageand develop plans and procedures, also ensure the safety and privacy of the company’sinternet sites.I will learn to create, modify and delete user profiles and other accesscontrolsI will learn how to review security logs and violation reportsI will learn to analyze and shore up any possible vulnerability; andknow how to track down any unusual activity and react swiftly to prevent ormitigate breachesI will acquire knowledge on how to implement stability andsecurity procedures regarding malware in the company’s information hardware; whichinclude installation, upgrading, and improvement of malware detection andprevention software across the entire company, as well as implementing policiesfor firewalls and site-blockingI will learn how to provide technical advice on access control,security models, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and securityawareness trainingI will gain knowledge on planning, implementing, monitoring, andtroubleshooting internal information technology security policies, applicationsecurity, access control, and corporate data safeguardsI will acquire skill on network scanning and vulnerabilityassessmentsI will learn how to analyze and define security requirements forlocal and wide area networksI will learn how to update secure configurations by routinelyreviewing vendor sites, bulletins, and notifications for security information.With all these, I will be able to train fellow employees insecurity awareness and procedures.


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