My security logs and violation reports I will

My dream job title is “Security
Administrator”. As the Security
Administrator, I will be responsible for managing all IT-related security
and safety issues for the company.

I will acquire skills in developing systems and
policies and overseeing the implementation of procedures to secure both company
and customer data.

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I will learn how to implement systems targeted
toward preventing malware infections of company’s computer hardware. This could
include company’s files and digital assets or reports.

I will acquire knowledge to define network security issues, manage
and develop plans and procedures, also ensure the safety and privacy of the company’s
internet sites.

I will learn to create, modify and delete user profiles and other access

I will learn how to review security logs and violation reports

I will learn to analyze and shore up any possible vulnerability; and
know how to track down any unusual activity and react swiftly to prevent or
mitigate breaches

I will acquire knowledge on how to implement stability and
security procedures regarding malware in the company’s information hardware; which
include installation, upgrading, and improvement of malware detection and
prevention software across the entire company, as well as implementing policies
for firewalls and site-blocking

I will learn how to provide technical advice on access control,
security models, disaster recovery, business continuity planning, and security
awareness training

I will gain knowledge on planning, implementing, monitoring, and
troubleshooting internal information technology security policies, application
security, access control, and corporate data safeguards

I will acquire skill on network scanning and vulnerability

I will learn how to analyze and define security requirements for
local and wide area networks

I will learn how to update secure configurations by routinely
reviewing vendor sites, bulletins, and notifications for security information.

With all these, I will be able to train fellow employees in
security awareness and procedures.