My I have always wanted to be a

My name is Semia McFadden and I am currently employed
as a private duty nurse with Care Master Medical and Savannah River Nursing. My
case load with Care Master is a twenty four hour care patient that I see three
times a week. With Savannah River Nursing, I have one patient that I see on an
as needed basis. I enjoy working with both of my patients. Although their care
varies greatly, I like the challenges they present.

 I have always
wanted to be a nurse. I received my license just a year ago, but I have learned
a lot in that time. I began following my dream to become a nurse at Aiken
Technical College (ATC). My dream became a bit deferred when I failed my second
nursing class in my final semester with a 79.3%. I was then approved for LPN by
endorsement. Although it got me in the door to where I wanted to be, I knew I
did not want it to be my final destination. My long term goal is to receive a
Master’s degree in nursing and become a nursing instructor.

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To achieve that goal is why I have enrolled into the
Transition program. I know that this program will put me back on track to reaching
my destination, but I am a bit fearful. This fear extends from the fact that I
went through the ADN program and not the LPN program. I fear that the
difference will hurt me because this is transition from LPN to RN and I have
not had the training of an LPN. I perform my duties as an LPN through the
education I received for an RN. In a home sitting, it is wonderful because I
have no one to tell me that my actions are not in line with an LPN scope of
practice. My supervisor praises me for the work that I do and for noticing
things that my fellow co-workers fail to pick up on and making decisions that
are best for the client. I do not want to over step my bounds in this program
and not succeed. The only thing I see positive coming from that fact that I
went through the RN program, is that I will be thinking like a RN and this will
more than likely be a review for me.

hope to complete this program by August 2018. I understand that the summer
courses can be grueling, but I am willing to put the effort in to succeed. I want
my degree as soon as possible. I was offered a position with the Burn center
during my preceptorship with ATC. I have talked with the nurses their on
several occasions in the hopes that that position is still open for me. I would
love to work there while I obtain my master’s degree.