Fighters Beowulf is an epic poem, written around 700 A. D. by an unknown author, and passed down by generation, only one original copy survives, it is housed in the British library in London. An epic poem is a long narrative poem of fierce battles, great courage, and hero’s with strength. In this poem we learned of the epic hero Beowulf and with his strength, independence and perseverance, he provided the utmost of inspiration to the Angle-Saxons. Beowulf, like my father who is my hero, has provided the same inspiration in my life.

Beowulf showed his strength many of times throughout the story, his battles and his emotion. Killing Grendel and his mother took a lot of strength that no normal human being could have, his strength was a lot like my father. My father had a lot of battles he had to fght. Beowulf was killing monsters, my father was killing cancer. Between the chemo and the surgeries you have to have with cancer my dad needed a lot of strength to survive. Beowulf always fought alone with a few very close people to help, as stated in the section Beowulf “That l, alone with the help of my men…

Beowulf unknown)”, when my father was battling cancer he didn’t want help from other people, he didn’t want people to know his condition, he didn’t want the doctors to tell him what to do, he wanted to battle solo with the little help from my mother and I only. Beowulf and my father wanted to have the name tag independent. They both achieved it. Perseverance means to be steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. Beowulf fghts the monsters even when he knows they are bigger and stronger, he believes in himself and believes that he can win on his own nd has the power to defeat the monsters.

Battling cancer is the equivalent. If you don’t believe you can win and defeat the disease you won’t, it is very difficult to defeat monsters or cancer; they are both deadly and can kill you easily, without hesitation. Even when the doctors told my dad he wouldn’t live past Christmas he proved them wrong, he lived for 3 almost 4 more months than he was supposed to, he proved them wrong. He had perseverance and did something despite difficulty. “If the lords willing and the creek don’t rise” (Brian ), my father used to say this uote all the time, he believed that you needed to live day by day, if it isn’t supposed to happen it won’t.

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Beowulf believes this as well “; death was my errand and the fate they had earned” (Beowulf Unknown). This means that he would kill if it was meant to be or he would be defeated if that was his fate. Beowulf and my father have a lot in common strength, independence, and perseverance; they entered this world, fought, persevered, and left leaving a mark on mankind, Beowulf a hero in the Anglo-Saxons heart and Brian a hero in mine. My Hero By brireece5224


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