My name is Maurica Smith. I am a United States Navy Veteran and is currently a student at the LehmanCollege located in Bronx New York, where I am pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Registered Nursing.

Recently I have become very aware of antibiotic usage in our country and how the resistance and usageis causing more damage to individuals and animals that uses it more than it helps them. Yes, I am happythat there are some people that antibiotics have helped but I am here today to talk about those who areabusing it and those who are using it for no good reason.According to Maryn Mckenna in her 2015 TED video, when the first antibiotic Penicillin was introducedin 1943 it was like a Miracle, diseases and infections that were death sentence was something yourecovered from in just about days. Nowadays things have changed and we are back to the age whereantibiotics are no longer working because of Antibiotics resistance. She also stated that antibiotics areno longer useful because bacteria are developing resistance so quickly that making the drug is no longeruseful, and diseases are going across the world so fast and there are only three out of hundreds ofantibiotics that may work. The British Government established a project known as the Review onAntimicrobial Resistance and it estimated that the worldwide toll right now is 700,000 deaths a year andwill be 10 million by the year 2050 if we do not act now. The way we squander antibiotics is beyondbelievable, we are at the point where we can only look towards these numbers and await theunfortunate epidemic. We hand out antibiotics unnecessarily in hospitals for illnesses that does notrequire it, animals that are not ill gets antibiotics and even in the agricultural department it is used onfruits to help them grow.

Alexander Fleming, the founder of penicillin stated in an interview “The thoughtless person, playing withpenicillin treatment is morally responsible for the death of a man who succumbs to infection with thepenicillin-resistant organism”. By reducing the use of antibiotic in all the unnecessary areas likeagriculture and on animals who are not ill we can make a difference in the Antibiotic resistant world.Please Mr. Senator, help me to spread the word throughout congress and the rest of our communitiesto stop abusing Antibiotics so that we can have a world where Antibiotics can start helping our peopleagain without being resistant.