The most important day of my life had just happened recently this year. The word graduation means more than a ceremony for me. It means changes in my life, to reach a higher stage of my life, the time to become a new person, the time to grow up, time to follow my dreams and separate responsibilities from fun. We have fought the fight, and we have overcome, and we took our final walk in the old stomping grounds. With the help of generous contributions from local companies and the hard work of the students made Graduation at Ramsey Field a reality.

The hot afternoon sun was out, beaming with pride. I had been waiting for this special day to come for four years. My Family and Friends were there, excited and cheering for me because I had made it. My fellow graduates were standing underneath the heated canopy beside the old abandoned halls getting ready to walk onto the beautiful field. I made sure that my cap and gown were set up nicely. I put a smile on my face to try and force back the tears that started to line up on the edge on my eyelids.

The time was near for all the graduates to line up and start heading down to the field to begin the ceremony. The walk to the field seemed to take forever, as if we were all going to a funeral. Every islander graduating was walking to the rhythm of the music while their parents taking pictures of their daughter/son. After everyone had the chance to walk, we seated in our assigned chairs. I could feel all eyes in the crowd on me. Starring at the massive crowd I lost all train of thought, all my senses seemed to disappear.

I knew what to do from all the times we practiced this moment, but I could not hear the crowd or the music and all my fears vanished. Our names were being called off one by one and as my classmates and friends made their way across the picturesque stage. I finally started to feel older. As my row stood up, I slowly walked up the stage making sure to stop at designated spot and shake hands with the people handing out the diplomas. I hear tons of people screaming and cheering for my name while I marched down the ramp.

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Finally, we turned our tassel over and our class rings. The class of 2010 was shouting for joy as if we won a jackpot lottery ticket. I officially ended the chapter of my high school life. Graduating high school was exciting for me, but at the same time, I was apprehensive because I knew it was a significant milestone in my life. Most people nowadays do not even make it to high school, so far for me it was something I truly cherished and I am proud of myself. The sadness is that I knew I would miss my terrific friends and would miss being on our home campus in JFK.


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