Commitment to Excellence PANNASASTRA UNIVERSITY OF CAMBODIA ????? ESSAY WRITITNG On a Topic: If you are a leader of a nation, how would you make it successful? Essay writing submitted to course English II Taught by Mr. Francis Pandita By Mr. Ly Heng (ID 43271) Academic Year 2011 Essay Topic: If you are a leader of a nation, how would you make it successful? I. Introduction Thesis Statement: To me, if I am a leader of a nation, I would make it successful by using my unique strategy.

It consists of four mains factors: strong governing, citizens, healthcare, and trade factor. II. Body Main Supporting A: I would focus on the strong governing factor.

•Supporting Detail A1: Direction heading •Supporting Detail A2: Centralization •Supporting Detail A3: Decentralization -Main Supporting B: Citizens factor. •Supporting Detail B1: Pay high attention on them. •Supporting Detail B2: Educate them. •Supporting Detail B3: Create job opportunity. -Main Supporting C: Healthcare is another factor.

•Supporting Detail C1: Educate them about healthcare. •Supporting Detail C2: Provide information about healthcare. •Supporting Detail C3: Improve healthcare system. -Main Supporting D: The last factor is trade factor. Supporting Detail D1: Improve trade law •Supporting Detail D2: Open Market Operation •Supporting Detail D3: Defend investor. III. Conclusion To sum up, I strongly believe that I would be able to make a nation successful due to the above four main factors. Essay Topic: If you are a leader of a nation, how would you make it successful? Nobody is born as a leader, but everybody can be grown and become a leader.

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Leaders are the most influential person in each country. They all have the same obligation is to lead their country to success; also, they have the same purpose is to ake their country become a great nation. From one leader to another, there are many different strategies or styles were used by them to achieve their different goals and make their country successful. Some have a clear strategy, some have a complicated strategy, and some have a point-by-point strategy. To me, if I am a leader of a nation, I would make it successful by using my unique strategy. It consists of four factors: strong governing, citizens, healthcare, and trade factor. Actually, strong governing is a main factor to be considered about.

There are many people who live and do the business in a country.From day to day, they do many different activities such as business, researching, managing, connecting, and even argument activities. Then if I don’t have an ability to control and lead them, the whole country may become anarchy. What’s more, if I am weak at governing, the process of developing the country will not be successful causing it fail on the international stage.

Thus, it is very important for me to be strong governing to help organizing and leading the country. To be strong governing, I should consist of some abilities such as direction heading, centralization, decentralization.First, I must be a person who is direction heading. This required point is very necessary for me because the country can’t be headed without destinations. The plans, goals, and strategies are normally the key points of direction heading that I use to head the country. I will use it as a compass that direct my way of leading, and it is worked as an arrow that determine me where I am going to. For example, “Japan had met a very big problem causing by the natural disaster. Tsunami and earthquake have destroyed the Japan economic causing it goes down.

Most of industries, infrastructures, factories, and ompanies were shut down across Japan due to the major damaged” (guardian. co. uk/13).

So, as a leader of Japan, Mr. Naoto Kan, he has revised the energy and development policies to head the country out of this crisis (en. rian. ru/164072231). Thus, without the direction heading from the leader, the country can be stuck in many problems and not improved. Second, while I am strong at direction heading, I also have to understand how to share the works to other officials and ministers.

Because I am alone, I can’t bear all the works. Thus, decentralization is the way for me to get all things done.Decentralization is a way of the decision-making was made by other officials, ministers, police officers, and the leaders rather than by the few top leaders. In the decentralized system, the work division can be determined effectively. By doing this, each official or minister will have their own responsibilities to solve the problems and manage in their own area. One sentence said that “decentralization allows people to improve their performance by being able to act to improve deficient or deficient areas immediately without approval from the top leader” (thecitizensdemocraticparty. com).

It means that it would lower the obligations of the leader and empower the authorities and officials in the country causing the works to be completed smooth and fast. Third, after the decentralization, I also should be good at centralized. In the decentralization system, I am, a leader, empower to the lower level. Centralization, on the other hand, gather the power on me and the decision making is made by me only. With this point, the citizens will afraid, respect, and believe on the leader much better than. It is said that “this is helpful for companies who need to be stable or are facing a risis and need one source of decision making to lead them. ” (Adamp.

com/centralization-vs. -decentralization). It is true that when a company or country is facing a big problem or crisis, it will be needed to gather the power on the leader to lead against the problem.

By doing this, the whole situation can be easier to control and find the solutions for the determined problems. Moreover, because I am the only one person who is the head of the decision making, I will be closed control to all operations causing me can catch up with the problems and spending less time to solve ach of them with effectiveness. Thus, the country will be developed step by step through the government policy. Besides, not only strong governing is enough, but citizen is also another important factor that I should focus on.

Citizen is very important to have in a country because they are the people that have senses to think, analyze, creation and invention. With these senses of human, we can say that people will be able to complete things with high reasoning which is very useful for helping developing a country. So, without the orporation from citizens, I am alone may not be able to make the country successful.

It means that citizens and I have to work together to make the country developed and improved. In order to make the citizens to be qualified enough to use, I would pay high attention on them, improve education system, and create job opportunity for them. First of all, I have to pay high attention on my citizens. Sometimes, the citizens survive in the society that seems to be isolated from the modernity. Then causing them grows in poor condition with lower standard of quality of life.

As a leader, I have to put y eyes on citizens closer and improve the quality of them by moving the public services closer to them (bassanini. edu/page8). Even the public services have already arrived to the citizens, I still have to consider whether it is qualified enough or not. Sometimes, the services that those citizens can access to may not be qualified enough for them to know or learn, so I have to consider about this point and improve it. The reason of doing like this is because of the quality of those public services are the quality or the knowledge of citizens. Second, as you know that citizens play an important role in the society.

They work as the engine of a society because the society become better or worse is also depend on them. In order to be able for citizens to accompany with me to lead the county to be successful, the education system is needed to be improved. As it is said that “education serves as the means to bring about the desired change in society, to develop a generation of virtuous individuals and thus contribute to the development of good human beings.

” (buzzle. com). While the leader is trying his best to lead the country, citizens are challenging themselves in the society with their knowledge.

By using their knowledge, they will be capable with doing things such as doing researching, invention of things and even become the leaders. Anyway, if the education system is weak and not is improved, citizens may become ignorant due to lack of education or lower educated making themselves can’t help the country to be developed. Third, even though citizens have been taken care by the leader and were high-educated, income is still their big problem. Giving job opportunity is very necessary.It means that if there is less job opportunities, most of them will become unemployed causing them no income. According to Ezine Article “it is impossible to lead a normal life without proper jobs.

Jobs act as the major source of income thereby making the livelihood easy without many troubles. ” (Ezinearticle. com/5283004). It is true that people have to feed themselves in order to survive, and in order to be able to feed themselves, they have to have money. In case that he is unemployed, no income, how can he feed his survival life? According to Helium. com “effects of unemployment re social, too, not just economic.

Frequently, crime rates rise as people are unable to meet their needs through work. The rate of homelessness rises, as do the rates for mental and physical illness (Helium. com/23943). It means that when the unemployment has occurred to a person, he/she may do everything, whether it is against the law or not, in order to feed themselves. For example, they sell all their properties and even rob the others to get the money; also, causing the economic goes down. By this point, I, a leader, have to create or provide more job opportunities to those citizens in order to void these worse things happen in the society. Moreover, healthcare is another area that a leader should consider about.

As we all know that people can survive well or not is depend on their health condition. Suppose that your health is in poor condition. It means that you always sick due to many illness. Do you think you can live well? Of course not. Even you have lots of money; you can’t do everything, especially your work. “Healthcare is one of the most important components in your life. Disease or illness can really mean a down turn in your life.

The biggest asset we can have in life therefore is health. ” (Articlesbase. com/769994). It is true that when a person is sick, he/she is likely can’t do anything to develop him/herself at all. If there are lots of people are sick in the country, how can the country be improved or developed? Thus, healthcare is very important to be taken care.

To detail on this point, I will focus on three other necessary points: educate them about healthcare, provide information about healthcare, and build more healthcare center for them. Firstly, most people may ever hear the word healthcare and used it for their ommunication about health, but some of them may not understand about its meaning. Most people said that they want a good health and keep themselves healthy; in contrast, their activities are affecting their health such as eating unhealthy food and using their dirty hands to perform many things.

In order to make they be able to take care of their health, I first have to educate them about healthcare. Healthcare means “the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in humans” (en. wikipedia.

org/Health care). Healthcare can be done by requently washing your hands, eating food with less cholesterol and green vegetable. So, when they understand what healthcare mean and know how to keep healthy, their health will stay in good conditions causing them are able to complete and achieve their goals. Secondly, in order to get them involve deeply in healthcare and be able to look after themselves, information announcement is very important. Information about healthcare has to be often announced or posted to let the citizens know and to alert them about their healthcare. Since they are not the doctors or pharmacist, they cannot know he effects of virus. Certainly, the virus A (H1N1) or swine flu had spread out the world in 2009.

Many countries were affected by it (swineflueffects. org). In Cambodia, after get information about swine flu, the Health Ministry, director Sok Touch, he has spread that information throughout the country by cooperating with media. By hearing that information, the citizens can safely protect themselves from swine flu. Thus, because of information, people will know how and be able to keep themselves healthy.

Third, besides proving information about healthcare, healthcare system also has to be improved.Healthcare system means “the complete net work of agencies, facilities, and all providers of healthcare in a specified geographic area” (thefreeditionary. com/health-care-system). Healthcare system can be found as healthcare center where healthcare is made available to people and was financed by the government. It is necessary to improve the healthcare system (build more healthcare centers) for citizens to access.

As some areas are so isolated from the hospital, healthcare system has to be improved over there. In case, citizens in those areas are ick, so the healthcare center is the priority that they can access. What’s more, when the healthcare system is improved, all people will be able to success and cure their illness on time. Thus, they will live longer and can help accelerating the country economic-growth. Finally, trade is the last factor and the most important factor. Trade in simple term means the change of goods and services for money or other purpose.

Trade is a very important factor that each country has to carefully focus on. The fluctuation of the economic growth occurred due to it. As we know that the country economic will better row when the country face trade surplus, normal grow when the country face balanced trade, and weakly grow when the country face trade deficit. “With trade, nations import goods that they lack or cannot produce as efficiently as other nations, and they export goods that they can produce more efficiently” (Barbar Tolley Dowling and Marianne McDougal Arden, 1993, 48).

Therefore, trade has done much to improve the country and make it successful. To focus on trade factor, I have to consider about three other related points: improve trade law, open market operation, and defend investors.First, trade law is a very important field that the investors always have a look on in order to consider whether he/she should make investment or not. “Trade law are the laws enacted by congress and/or by state to ensure a free trade, fair competition, and prohibit anti-competitive business practices” (hg. org/trade). For example, without trade law, the company may set the price of their products unequally. It means that the same product, but some company set lower price and some company set high price.

Then causing to make the demand of the product unequally also. The company which has lots f capital will set the lower price to attract the customers. Even they are facing the net loss; they still do it because they have lots of capital to bear with. For those companies which cannot bear with this price due to the net loss will decide to leave the market by force. This is what we call unfair competition. In fact, nowadays, in order to make sure that each country implements the trade law properly and correctly or not, we reach to set up an organization name the World Trade Organization (WTO). “WTO is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations. (wto.

org/whatis e). Thus, without trade law to protect weakness companies, they may be forced to leave the market and let it manages by only those strong and powerful companies. Then causing more and more investors leaves this country and lead to less the economic growth. Second, open market operation is another important field. Government not only has to focus on domestic investment, but international investment also.

In fact, even we have many domestic investors that are investing and doing their business in our country, we still need the foreign investors. Foreign investors are like an engine that accelerates he economic growth. When they come to make investment in our country, they never come with their bare hands. It means that they will come along with their money in order to make investment. “Investors provide the funds (business capital) which the company uses it to operate the business” (wiki. answer.

com). By this action, it causes to increase more money travelling in the economic cycles. Furthermore, they help connecting us with the world. For example, when they come to make investment, they always make relationship with the domestic investors. From time to time, they xchange their experiences to each other and sometimes reach to co-operate with each other to make investment. With this relationship, the domestic investors will get lots of experiences (also understanding other culture) from around the world.

Suppose that a domestic investor has got many experiences from a developed country, and then he/she will know why they are developed and how they developed. Thus, he/she can help bringing those experiences to the country and make change to it to be developed. If more and more investors are being international experienced (accompany by the overnment), the country will be developed very fast.

Third, all investors, when they make investment and doing their business in another country, they always face many problems such as cheating from the local people, being robbed by the local thief, and the argument causing from the local customers. In order to make them feel safe to do the business in our country, the government has to defend them. For example, in the past several years, “a very famous singer of Thailand name Pakay Prek said that if Cambodian people want to see her erforms art in Cambodia, Cambodia has to give the Angkor Wat temple to Thailand” (social event). By hearing those words, Cambodian people had felt very angry with Thailand and reach to destroy most of Thailand products. By this situation, the investors were very scared and had got a serve loss in their business.

By that time, in order to protect investors and to encourage they continue making investment; the government had spent lots of money to respond for all destroyed products. From the responsibility of the government, the investors have continuously been doing their business.Therefore, when more and more investors come to make investment, most people will be employed causing their income increase. When the income of all individual increased, it leads to increase the standard of living; then causing more economic growth. To sum up, I strongly believe that I would be able to make a nation successful due to the above four main factors. Strong governing will help working as an arrow indicated where I am going to. Citizens will help working as the engine to accompany with me to direct the nation to succeed.Healthcare will help working as the medicament maintaining the leaders and citizens.

Trade will help working as the source of the economic development. Due to the combination of these four factors, the nation will be progressively developed. A nation can be made successful not only by these four factors but many other factors. Reference ? Business Concepts for English Practice, 1993, by Barbara Tolley Dowling and Marianne McDougal Arden, 201 pages, publish by Stanley J. Galek, in the United State of America. Online sources: All the sources were downloaded in the late of June: ?http://www. uardian. co.

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