Way back in preschool, drawing our dream house was a very typical activity. Since we were small back then, we usually draw a square for the body of the house then a triangle for a roof. After that, we add the windows and door then place a few plants, trees and a pathway on the front. But things change. What we used to prefer when we were little will not be the same things we prefer now. The dream house that I used to draw when I was little was way different than what I want now. I’ve always thought about the theme of my house whenever I get to see shows about interior design.

After some thinking, I decided that I would love to have a modern-themed house. Despite my house having a modern theme, I would like for it to be built on the side of a mountain which is facing towards the sea and has a great view of the sunset. Obviously, I am a nature lover. When viewed outside, I like it to look like it is made up of glass. The glass that will be used would be the one way glass wherein you can see the outside from the inside but you cannot see the inside from the outside. The walls are only to be used as dividers inside and the pillars that would support the house should be inconspicuous.

The house would only have two floors with a patio and a Jacuzzi bath tub at the back. The house will be painted black for the exterior and white for the interiors. The living room will have a fire place with a television above it. The two large black sofas will be placed perpendicular to each other wherein one is facing the fireplace and the other facing the window. It will also have a large green plant in one corner of the room. The kitchen will be island style. There will be a mini bar on one corner of the room if ever I needed a drink.

On the second floor, the bedrooms are to be located. The house will have four bedrooms: a master bedroom, two bedrooms for my kids and a guest room. All the rooms on this floor are sound proof. Also found on the second floor would be the reading room and the game room. The reading room will contain all of my favorite books and novels as well as new ones that interest me. It will be a well-lit room with very comfortable chairs for a better reading experience. The game room, on the other hand, will contain the latest gaming technology there is by the time I have this house built.

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I just love entertainment so much that I would also like to have a mini theatre so I can have a viewing place for my favorite movies. Lastly, there will be bathrooms for every bedroom and another comfort room on the first floor. Well, that’s my dream house. It has all the things and necessities that I need in order to live a long, healthy and fun life. It seems to be far off as to where I stand right now but I am going to do my best to get my dream house built. I’m still young and my preferences can still change. Again, whatever I have written here can still change in the future.


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