My Disillusionment

Disillusionment is experienced from time to time when what we anticipated turns out to be less than what we had hoped for. There are many circumstances in my life that involve disillusionment of which some have taken place during my stay here. But I would rather write of the disillusionments that I faced outside this country because I feel that my disillusionments in Ghana were more effectual than what I have experienced in Regina. As a kid, I believed that there were cartoon characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy, Elmer, and super heroes such as Spiderman, Superman, and the rest that existed in reality.

Though I knew that these strange living things were different from us, I considered them being from a cartoon world just like the human world. I also thought that they paid regular visits to earth just to act in cartoon shows to entertain kids and boy how I loved them so much. I always fantasized about being a great friend to all these cartoon characters and the first human to be in a cartoon show. I believed that one day this for sure would happen. Then one day, as I was watching the television, a documentary on cartoons came on.

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To my uttermost disillusionment I learned that cartoons were just caricatures that were drawn by great well known artist to entertain kids and make them imaginative, creative young lads. I don’t know why it never occurred to me to look up the meaning of the word cartoon in a dictionary. This very one and only documentary taught me a lot about cartoons and made me very rancorous for a while. I did not want to believe the fact that all I was watching were just caricatures drawn by well known artists. All this I saw as a kid.

I wish I got to know this as a teenager so that I would not be as bitter as how I felt after knowing the truth of cartoons. However, this sullenness did not last long. Still as a kid, I was again faced with disillusionment. Most of my disenchantments occurred when I was a kid, and I feel this was the only time when I felt more grief than as an adult. I remember on one other occasion when I believed the tooth turn into something pleasant belief that I liked a lot. My parents told me that if u do a good deed that god feels is very helpful he will by chance give you a present provided that u put a tooth under your pillow.

From that day onwards since my teeth frequently fell, I always looked into the mirror to see which tooth was loose and in some way I tried to fidget with it for a while until it came off. The easiest way I got it out was by eating an apple. I recall how jubilant I became every time a tooth fell out and waited for the day to arrive when I got something eventually. My parents gave me a toy helicopter and I asked them did u see god come last night to put this helicopter. They said no but because you have been a good boy he gave you this present. I was so delighted that day. Very next day to my disillusionment I found out the truth.

I overheard my father asking my mom from where she got the helicopter and how much it costs. I left the scene after hearing this. I was unhappy because my parents lied to me. They spoke so many lies concerning this issue. I then decided not believe that any of this happened. I thought of this many times until finally I thought no more of it. Later on I found out from my friends that their parents did the same to them and gave the same reason as my parents gave me. These were two very effective disillusionments in my life. There are many others but your word limit is restricting me from writing more.