My passion for physics and sciences extends past my own learning,at school, I was assigned as a tutor for a struggling IGCSE physics student andas a teaching assistant for the whole class. A-level business is a subject I find as important as A-Level Math, toachieve greatness no engineer can prosper in the real world with only theknowledge they graduate with, business adeptness, management and ease ofcommunication are some of the many skills A-level Business has taught me.  The application and analysis of physicsphenomena and the mathematical language which is involved in engineering willgive me a chance to dive into a more practical application than my A-Levelsdid. Myinterest in science, particularly engineering and problem solving, hasdeveloped throughout my time at school, and I enjoy the challenge of usingscientific and mathematical ideas when solving everyday problems.

Last year Istarted my own application “Mibrarian”. Mibrarian consists of an application which provides users with asingle-entry point to different music libraries on different services, allowingusers to sign into all three accounts at once and browse their music librariesfrom one application instead of logging to 3 differentservices/applications.  This helped medevelop my time management skills and problem-solving capabilities, as Iencountered several problems along the way, as well as having to cope with longhours of work to meet my self-imposed. I found this experience challenging andrewarding.  I learned to fully appreciate concepts such as projectplanning, flexibility and creativity.Mechatronicsoffers unparalleled flexibility in designing aerospace and automotivecomponents, theinter-disciplinary nature of mechatronics engineering is the future and eachday goes by a corporation is one step closer to developing the dynamicalsystems which will reshape our lives. A design that has always inspired meis the xxxxxxxxxxxxx asit shows how solutions to engineering problems can be imaginative and iconiccan affect our livesAutomationor autonomy, the seamless integration of mechanical, electronics and controlengineering as simply put by T.

Fukuda the xxxxxxxxxxx. The interdisciplinary nature ofmechatronics is the future as evident by the advancements in this field, from digitalwatches to robotic astronauts, mimicking human presence. I believe thatmechatronics is to the 21st century is what mechanical engineeringwas to the 19th century, a new paradigm