My Business

My business if a fast food restaurant and the products that are going to be sold there is food and drinks. My fast food restaurant will sell all sort of food such as chips, burgers and pizza as it gives my customers more to choose from. Unlike my major competition, they only specialise in one particular food such as Pizza Hut specialises in pizzas and McDonald specialises in burgers.

Although my business will sell a mixture of different foods, it will mainly focus on selling pizza as there is more demand for it as gathered from my primary research, 40% of the total people surveyed said they normally purchase pizza when buying at a fast food outlet. The pizza of offer will range in sizes from small (7 inch), medium (9 inch), large (12 inch) and extra-large (15 inch). The topping that will be used, are organic as it is my unique selling point which makes my business stand out from my competitors. I have chosen to offer organic ingredients because I had asked this question on my questionnaire and the results show that 70% of males and 60 of females prefer organic. The toppings can be chosen from a premade selection or chosen by the customers themselves. The topping on offer are: Chicken, beef, Pepperoni, Sausages, tuna, lamb, anchovies, chilli, jalapenos, onions,tomatoes, pineapple, sweetcorn and mushrooms.

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By allowing the customer to choose their own topping would help me to be my profit aim as my objective to do this was to offer the customers a variety of products and allowing the customers to choose from a variety of topping to put on their pizza, would allow me to achieve this.

Apart from pizzas, I will also offer burgers. These burgers will range from: cheeseburgers, chicken burgers, lamb burgers, chicken fillet burger, fish burger and veggie burger. This again will allow me to meet my objectives as will be offering a variety of burgers. Burgers was another popular product with 20% of males and 30% of females choosing it. This was the second most preferred product behind pizza

Other products I will sell include chips ranging from small, medium and large. I will also sell chicken wings, chicken pieces, doners (chicken and lamb) and chicken wraps.

As well as main dishes, I will also sell side dishes. These include salads which are made up of onions, lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes. This will be provided to the customer in a small plastic bag. Another side dishes I will be including is beans and coleslaw which comes in mini polystyrene tub. Dip will also be provided in a polystyrene cup and will be provided free with larger meals however; there will be a small cost if the customer wants to buy it on its own with smaller order. The dips will range from: Ketchup, barbecue, burger sauce, chilli and mayonnaise. Apart from this, the dips will be provided in bottles which the customer can use free of charge which the can put in there meal.

By doing this, it has helped me to increase customer loyalty which was one of my aims. One of the objectives for this aim was to provide good customer services which I will be providing with the free dips in bottles. My secondary research shows that only one of my competitors (Ali’s Fast Food) only offers free dips. My major competitors including Pizza Hut and McDonalds charge for their dips and even then, they are provided in a small tub which is very small. My other local competitors, 2 in 1 pizza, charge customers for using the dips provided in the bottle. A short while ago, they used to provide it for free but now they are charging for it.

Desserts will also be sold at my fast food restaurants. The desserts that will be sold are: Apple pies, cheesecake, cookies, G�lla (Rose scented pastry with cream, syrup and pistachio) and Visne Hosafi (Cherries in syrup served with vanilla ice cream). According to my secondary data, G�lla and Visne Hosafi are desserts that are not sold me any of my competitors therefore offering this will make my business stand out.

Soft drink can be bought ranging from Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, 7up, Dr Pepper and Tango. These drinks will be served in a polystyrene cup with a straw and come in different sizes i.e. small, regular and large. As well as soft drinks, tea and coffee will be provided along with milkshakes and smoothies.

I will introduce a new product every month, this product is a unique product made of a mixture of ingredients such as a toast with beans and cheese on top. With every purchase of the order, the customer will be given a small piece of paper to fill out. The paper will include three questions:

1) Out of a score from 1 – 10 (10 being the highest) how would you rate the product?

2) Would you want to see the product in store again?

3) Do you think the product is reasonably priced?

If the products prove to be successful, I will keep selling that product at my shop however, if the customers don’t like it, I will not continue to sell it. I will however, limit the products to three new products each year as there will be too many personalised products to choose from and new customer may not know which ones to choose from.

In doing this, I will again be meeting aims of offering the customer a variety of products which will mean I would make a greater profit.

Apart from products, my business will be offering a variety of customer services to enhance customer loyalty

One of the services I will be offering to the customers is free delivery. The free delivery is only available within a 5 mile radius of the shop as it will cost the business a lot of expenses such as fuel if it were to deliver to further locations. The free delivery will however be limited to a minimum delivery order of �9.99 as it would cost my business if I were to give free deliveries on all orders for example fuel expenses and the wages required for the delivery person.

The waiting time should be no more than 5 minutes from the time the order is taken. For delivery, waiting time should be no more than 20 minutes. This includes the time the order is takes to the time the order is delivered to the customer’s house; therefore maximum effort will be given to ensure orders are taken as quick as possible. Failing to comply with this time limit will mean the customer will get frustrated and are not likely to shop there again. In drastic occasion, they could refuse to take the order.

When the customers are ordering in store or over the phone, the employees who in charge of taking the order is to greet them before the customer before they take the order and give them a valediction before they hang up. This is done so the customer’s feels like the business actually cares about them.

Offering all these customer services would enable me to meet my objective for my third aim which was to provide my customers with good customer services. In providing good customer service, customer are more likely to come back to my business which will allow me to me my second aim of increasing sales which as a result, will allow me to meet my first aim which is to increase profit.