house is the place where my wife and me always feel peaceful after a busy day. It
is located in Binh Chanh District near central HCMC. We spent all of savings to
build this house four years ago. My house is quite small, its area approximately
forty square meters. In the ground floor, there are three rooms including a
living-room, a kitchen, and a bathroom. The first floor consists of a study
room, a bedroom and a bathroom. When you come into my house, the living-room is
the first room that you can see. It is decorated beautifully because we use it to
receive visitors. There is a modern sofa and a rectangular table with a lovely
flower vase on it in the middle of the room. There is a television with a VNPT
android box is hung on the wall. Opposite to the television, there is a
beautiful picture. Besides, on center of the ceiling has an ancient chandelier.
These things which bring to the room a peaceful atmosphere. Next to the living
rooms is the kitchen. It is a place where my family have meals and chat chit
together after hard working hours. Like the living-room, a rectangular table with
four chairs is arranged quite tidy in the middle of the room. Moreover, the
kitchen is fitted all modern conveniences such as: a gas stove with a smoke-consumer,
a refrigerator, an automatic dishwasher and so on. These things are arranged
very tidy that makes the room are very clean. And behind the kitchen is the
bathroom. Although, it is a quite small room, we always keep it in dry, clean,
and tiny like the kitchen. On the first floor, there are three rooms: a study room,
a bedroom, and a bathroom. The study room is very tiny. It
has a quite big bookshelf in the left corner because my family really likes
reading books. In the right corner, there is a long table with three chairs. On
this table, we have two computers in order to work at home or sometimes to watch
film for entertainment. Besides, the study room have some conveniences including
a massage chair, a small refrigerator, and coffee machine.  Especially, our study room is quiet, it is an
advantage for us when we study or relax as well as work at home. Next to a study
room is the bedroom. My bedroom is very beautiful because it is painted by my
favorite color: a sea-green color. It also has a small television and an android
box putted in the left corner. The most important things in this room is a bed
which takes up most of the room area. There are two windows on the left wall of
the bed, it provides the light for the room and make it to be very well
ventilated. In addition, it has a wardrobe and a luxurious dressing-table of my
wife, she often uses it when she goes out. Near the bedroom is a bathroom. This
bathroom is the same as the one in a ground floor. All of the rooms in my house
have air conditioner, except two bathrooms. In summary, my house is the place I
love the best. Here I can study and relax, I can enjoy the life with my wife every


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