My Advice for Life

One piece of good advice for living life Is to; take care of your health. There are several ways to accomplish this advice. First avoid eating foods that are high in sugars and fats because they can be dangerous. Next is getting regular exercise. Regular exercise can help to breathe better and improve your cardio to work well. The last, but no the least important is to visit the doctor regularly, because you need go and check your body a least one visit a year. The first way in that the health can help us, is eating healthy.

Eating fruits, vegetables, it is better than fast food, because that can derive a lot of ill, such as cholesterol, diabetes, etc. The next is do exercise is work out than can improve to have a better health, helping to work good your breath and exercising all your body. for example If the major of the people make a least thirty minutes of exercise, such as, walk, run, rid a bicycle, aerobics, etc, they are helping to their own body. The last, next least important is go to the doctor regularly; because everybody need check their body have a good condition.

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An example is if one person can feel tired and thirsty all the time, and they can tell that Is normal. because there are working too much. And this can be symptoms of diabetes. The health Is one of most Important thing In the life of everybody people, because if they don’t feel good, they can’t do all the activities such as work, eat, and sleep well. There are some ways to help Improve our health, this are: first is ate healthy, the second did exercise and the last one visited regular the doctor. The three ways that I before talked can help us to be healthy.