Muriel’s Wedding

Muriel’s Wedding (1995), written by P_J. Hogan, explores the central notion of relationships. Relationships can be defined as the connection between people and others, and It Is these relationships that allow an Individual to find and/or reaffirm their identities. More specifically, Hogan conveys that individuals will always seek out others who they can form positive relationships with, which in turn can reaffrm their sense of identity.

He also portrays that the outcome of a relationship is not always what individuals expect when they initiate them, and social labels such as marriage ay fail our expectations and do not always indicate the true nature of a relationships. In Muriel’s Wedding, Hogan successfully discusses that when Individuals are positioned In an environment with others whose values are not concordant with their own, they will seek out relationships with others who can support them and can thus reaffirm their sense of Identity.

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In the beginning of the play, Muriel is still in search of her identity, thus attempting to make friends with Tania and her group of friends as a testing ground. Although the negative statements “We dont want you hanging around us anymore” and “you bring us down Muriel” onvey how Tania’s group feel that Muriel does not belong in their group after all. Muriel does not want to be left alone. She thus steals money from her family to go on a holiday in order to reconcile with Tania’s group of friends in an attempt to prove her worth.

Even so, Muriel finds no place to stay inside Tania’s social circle but she meets Ronda on the holiday who supports her and catalyses her solidity in self-belief as evidenced by m”ou’re not nothing, Muriel. You’re amazing… Now you’re a success… youVe made it”. This example exemplifies how the nature of the relationship between Muriel and Ronda helps Muriel reaffirm their sense of Identity because of the mutual support of each other.

Thus Hogan shows us that bad relationships can make excluded individuals feel at loss of their identity while positive relationships allow individual’s identities to be solidified. ote: I would probably add an example from the end of the play to show that Muriel has In fact grown from this relationship Into a better person. ) The play also highlights that individuals may enter their relationships with certain expectations. However, what they gain from these relationships may not lways be as they initially expected. This is shown as Muriel catches the bouquet of pink and white flowers, which symbolises marriage, happiness and success.

The stage directions “Muriel pulls a face, something she does when she’s feeling self- conscious” reveals how Muriel believes that marriage will help her attain an identity she desires and lead her to a successful path in life. Furthermore, her statements after her wedding with David, “… and here I am famous and theVre at my wedding. I showed them. ” and “Im as good as they are” convey how Muriel believed marriage to be a sign of success, which was her expectation. However, her realisation “l thought I was so different. A new person. But I’m not.

I’m Just the same as him” Indicates how Muriel finds out that marriage itself has not changed her nor lead to the success which she desired. (needs evaluation sentence to conclude paragraph like “Hence we are shown how expectations of a relationship… blahblahblah) Even through all negativity, Hogan shows us that we can only feel Ilke we have found our Identities 1 play, Muriel realises “IVe got to stop lying now… One day I won’t know I’m doing it” illustrating that Muriel has finally realised that nothing can really change her ssential identity, she is still who she was before.

Especially after Bettys death, she realises that real relationships based on sharing core values are what she should be caring about, not fake relationships such as her marriage with David. Also, we how Muriel’s realisation of this empowers her miou owe us, Dad. We’re not useless.

We never were. Now you’re looking after the kids and you’re going to tell them theyre not useless” conveying that Muriel has changed to a more positive person due to her communication with Ronda and Bettys death, allowing her to be brave enough to tand up for herself. ome up with lovely deep concluding sentence about how you need to be yourself to improve yourself) Hence, the play Muriel’s Wedding effectively explores the central notion of relationships between people and others which we find to be linked to one’s identity and self-realisation of identity. In particular, Hogan conveys that even though individuals may try to bear with negative relationships, at the end of the day, no matter how much they change themselves, they are still who they are, and will never be able to completely fit into the relationship.