ms,Large Theme Parks (Attractions and recreations)),(a variety of Ethnic Groups,Amazing Clothing(Human Environment Interactions)) and (Low Poverty and Crime Rates).There are may pull factors in spain, here are the top pull factors Pull Factor 1.( Attractions/Recreation) : Spain has a handfull of Beautiful Attractions. One of these attractions is a museum called The National Palace or as they say it(Palau Nacinal) The the National Palace offers some of the city’s best views. The museum is surrounded by a number of other places. The MNAC is the largest museum in Catalonia.Another attraction is PortAdventura World.PortAventura Resort is the perfect destination for you to enjoy the best entertainment that southern you will have a fantastic time at Europe’s leading theme park.Pull Factor 2.(Demographic): The Demographics in Spain are a good amount and are very well managed here are some key Demographics in Spain.First the Ethnic Groups Mainly consistent of Mediterranean and Nordic type Ethnic Group.Next is the clothing. Clothing  in Spain is a blend of normal Spanish and old Western style. Traditional Spanish clothing was known  for its colored decoration.The population of Spain doubled during the twentieth century. No fewer than eleven of Spain’s fifty provinces saw an absolute decline in population over the century. The religiously unaffiliated include atheists, agnostics and people who do not identify with any particular religion in surveys. However, many of the religiously unaffiliated have some religious beliefs. For example, belief in God is shared by 7% of Chinese adults, 30% of French adults and 68% of U.S. adults. Some of them also Participate in certain kinds of religious practices. For example, 7% of adults in France and 2 7% of those in the United States say they attend religious services at least once a year. And in China, 44% of adults say they have worshiped at a graveside or tomb n the past year.Pull Factor 3.(Crime and poverty rates)The poverty and crime rates are very low.The crime rate in spain is 23% and The poverty rate is 15%,so they are very low.In conclusion Spain is known for their wide variety of pull factors that will make you want to visit.


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