Mr. Jones lay in his bed with an oxygen mask covering his pale face. He was surrounded by Kleenex boxes, bottles of aspirin and other medications, a bowl of what looked like chicken soup, and a large glass of orange juice. He seemed stiff and lifeless. His physician told him that he had contracted a mild case of the flu and exacerbated his decade old respiratory problem. Though Mr. Jones diligently takes his regimen of medications to stave off such things, the fact remains that he is 85 years old and only a shadow of his former self. He was once a healthy, robust athletic coach but now his frail body is susceptible to any disease or sickness. Age has taken its toll on him. His body mass has declined and arthritis has consumed him. His less aggressive immune response makes him vulnerable to many illnesses. As I look at him, I realize that I could be like him in my old age and I would want someone to be there in my time of need. With that, I emphasized with Mr. Jones and strongly felt compelled to make a vow to myself. I vow to be committed in helping the older population that need the care and compassion that only nurses can give during trying times like the one described above.This aspect of ageing is asserted in the biological theories of ageing called the immunological theory. The basic premise of this theory is that a person’s body deteriorates over time and they are sensitive to various maladies. ‘The immune system is programmed to decline over time, leading to an increased vulnerability to infectious disease and thus ageing and death’ (Fuentes, et al, 2017). Immunological issues such as inflammation and chronic health issues are persistent and pose a risk of compromise to the overall health of the elderly. As anolder person’s body deteriorates over a period of time, his/herbody experiences many different changes, such as a decrease in cellular production, wearing down of cartilage, loss of lubricating joint fluid, weaker muscles, and a waning immune system that struggles to fight off pathogens.As many medical experts believe that the immune system does not diminish with age but only diversifies, proponents of the immunological theory argue that the common symptoms of aging like chronic diseases, such as arthritis, are caused by changes in the immune system. Moreover, these theorists claim that cell abnormalities in old age eventually lead to failures of cell recognition and a breakdown of certain physiological systems, triggering autoimmune functions in the body ( Dontsov, 2017). The autoimmune functions pose as threats to the body by attacking it rather than safeguarding it. It fails to make the distinction between healthy tissue and antigens which are toxins or foreign substances.To combat the decline of the immune system of the body that comes with age, immunological theorists suggest that as people age they should establish a healthier diet and sustaining lifestyle. Preventative health measures should be implemented such as taking aspirin daily, hypertension screen


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