Mr Mabior Garang de Mabior is the
eldest son of the late Dr John Garang founder of the Sudan People’s Liberation
Movement (SPLM). Dr John Garang was the first Vice President of Sudan following
years of civil war. His mother Rebecca Nyandeng de Mabior, is also a politician
and was an adviser to the President of South Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit. She has
since been removed from her position in government has been calling for the resignation
of President Kiir. Mabior has been rumoured to be a drug addict and is known
for frequenting night clubs and abusing alcohol. He is also known for his
outrageous dress code and his outspoken remarks on his face book page. On 8
October 2012 Mabior was interviewed by Alan Boswell in Nairobi Kenya following
a brutal attack on him by security forces in Juba. He said in this interview
that the government of Sudan had been trying to intimidate him after his face
book page remarks. He highlighted the divisions within the government and the
level of corruption that existed. He told Alan Boswell that he viewed himself
as an activist rather than a politician. He said that he knew Salva Kiir
Mayardit as a child and called him “uncle Salva”. In December 2013 civil war
broke out in South Sudan as a result of an alleged attempted coup that was made
against the President by the Vice President Riek Machar. In 2014 Mabior was
alleged to have been arrested in Ethiopia for attempting to assassinate
President Kirr. He denies the arrest and confirms that he was at the hotel to
visit some of the SPLM delegation. The civil war ended by a peace agreement that
was signed in August 2015. This saw the swearing in of Mabior as the Minister of
Water Resources and Irrigation and the reinstatement of the Vice President Reik
Machar in April 2016. In May of 2016, President Kiir asked Mabior to leave a
cabinet meeting due to him being inappropriately dressed because of a bow tie
that he wore. However, even after removing the bow tie, he was not allowed back
into the meeting. He again took to social media to vent his grievances. In
September 2016, Machar called for a revised peace agreement. This led to President
Kiir disbanding his cabinet and removing and replacing Mabior and the Vice
President. Mabior has since been in exile in an unknown location and has converted
to an animism, worshiping his late father John Garang de Mabior. Some believe
that he is likely to be in Kenya close to where his mother is because he
requires her support and advice and because of his inability to make decisions on
his own. He continues to post on social media on his new found religion and his
daily activities. These daily posts include his beliefs in Rastafari and animism.


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