Moving to a New Place

Nowadays there is a trend that more and more people come to modern cities or countries. Whether you are looking for a fresh start, a better life or moving to study abroad, coming to a new place can affect you in many ways. This essay will take a closer look atthis issue. People who stay away from their hometown have to face both practical and social challenges. It is hard to go anywhere without a map since you will easily get lost on the way.

Also, getting used to some new regulations is inevitable. Take for example, if you move to England, it is important that youshould learn how to drive on the left-hand side of the road, instead of right-hand side as usual. Seeking accommodation is also a big problem sinceit is not as easy to find a house or an apartment in another city as in your hometown. Apart from these practical obstacles, another issue associated with this phenomenon[a] is social challenges.

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Because you are living far from home, it is normal to experience homesickness and miss your old life. Everything has to be rebuilt from the start and no one can give you a support system to help you through the transition. What it will lead to is that you may feel stressedor find that it is hardto adapt to the new life. There are several solutions to these both practical and social barriers.

For the former one, the most efficient way is to get as much information as possible about the place you are planning to leave for. Everything needs to be taken into consideration: the new traffic system, new law and even new living cost. In addition, you may need to prepare some familiar food in case you cannot get acquainted with the new food. And for social problems, it is important to understand that these feelings such as homesickness or stress are completely normal and will fade with time.

Under no circumstances should you pressure yourself and become discouraged even when you have been living there for a week or a month and still are unhappy. What you should do is to exposeyourself to local people, make friends and attend local events to gain a better understanding of your new culture and how you are expected to act. In conclusion, nothing is easy when you have to build up everything from the start. However, having a good preparationinboth physical and mentalaspect will help you feel easier in adapting to your new place.