Mother Earth has always had natural hazards way before humans existed. However, humans were able to disrupt the ecosystem and cause new kinds of environmental tragedies. One of these disasters is the love canal major incident. Love canal, which is located in Niagara falls, was planned to be a remarkable community but it turned out to be the biggest disaster in the American history. The canal was used by a chemical company to dump its wastes since the 1920s, it contained a total of 21,000 tons of toxic wastes. The canal was then covered up and sold to the city which built homes and gave life to the area. The toxins were always there but they couldn’t be noticed, until a heavy rain fall occurred, in 1978, which initiated the leaching. People started to notice major changes in the neighborhood, trees were dying, chemicals could be seen floating on the water and the air had a noticeably disturbing smell. Also, numerous birth defects occurred and weird burns were noticed on children. These incidents couldn’t be ignored and after further investigation, it was declared as a state of emergency and families were relocated. Due to the incident, the Superfund cleanup was established which paid for pollution cleanups and raised public awareness about risks of chemical wastes. After sweeping the area and erasing all forms of dangerous chemicals, live came back to the area that was renamed Black Creek Village. However, some lawsuits claims that the area is still dangerous and similar symptoms as before has been noticed. In reality, it is not possible to expect companies to stop operating, however, disasters like this could be avoided by building factories in places that are not close to any residential areas and providing them with a special way to dumb their wastes that wouldn’t affect the life of others. Also,  raising public awareness about the dangers of chemical wastes will definitely minimize any losses. 


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