When you hear “The Devil in the
White City”, it automatically comes in mind that there is something mysterious
about it. Looking deeper into it, like professor Ramey mentioned in his video
that the title of the book conveys a message that a city may look beautiful,
but from the inside it might turn out different. After reading the book I
realized that Holmes was the devil in the city of Chicago. Holmes was an
attractive man who finds ways to manipulate people, and murdering him for his
own benefits. This conveys that character of Holmes is what the book’s title is
about. The city had the World Fair in Chicago, so it created a theme of
excitement and entertainment, but behind lays a miserable results in which
people are being murdered.  It was like a
mask of the World fair behind the city’s danger.

            I observed that the book’s setting
is around the time when the women were given rights to be able to work and live
with freedom, but since it was a new idea in era of women being able to have
enough freedom, to me it seemed as the women were not to aware of the possible
dangers. Psychopaths like Holmes would target them and murder them, especially
the beautiful and attractive women. He hired two women for his hotel and killed
them towards the end. The point is that women were unaware of the situations
that were they could face and they were not careful. Many men still looked down
on the women back in the days and tried to take advantage of them. Larson uses
a very good technique to create this writing style including history in it. By going
into historic details he had created a strong connection with his audience and
also creating mystery, which I loved because it kept me going to find out the

            Larson used sources from the newspapers,
some documents and articles to create an argument of his resources. He went to
University library for example, University of Washington’s Suzallo Library,
read dozens of books over Burnaham, bibliographies and many more sources to get
his information. Larson mentioned about several books over Holmes that he had
read. I thought that Larson’s resources were adequate because he was able to go
more in depth of his characters and the plot. I thought that the World Fair was
a symbol of American power because the setting of the story was around the time
when America was taking over the world. It was like Burnham and his partner
Root were trying to achieve the goal of making the city of Chicago bright.

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            As an audience I enjoyed reading the
book because I like mystery, and the style used to put the details together
without taking away the drama and the irony from the context was the best part
of the monograph.


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