Monlogue – Old Woman Investigates Closure of Convenience Store

Well, what a day. A morning wasted just to find out ‘Harry’s’ convenience store down the road is no longer ‘convenient’. Been going to that shop for years. I thought it was running like clockwork with all the kids in there, spending money on who knows what. Knew the owners too. Harry and Rose, lovely couple. They would come over , have tea and biscuits and off my paper, every Sunday morning without fail. Which is why it was rather peculiar when they decided not to pop over that particular morning.

So I had made my mind up. I was going to hop on the 19 and ride down to Harry’s myself. The bus was crowded as always with the morning rush. I had to wait ten minutes before someone offered me their seat. Kids these days, no manners. I blame the parents. No discipline. They let their children do whatever they want without any consequence, then they wonder why they are misbehaving at school or drinking in the street. Not in my day. If you misbehaved when I was a kid you were punished.

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I could tell none of these kids had heard of the word responsibility, and if they had, I doubt they would be able to spell it. I could see the flashing blue lights as I got off the bus. I was happy to see that the police were doing something other than sitting in their station doing nothing. I mean the real problems are on the streets. I pulled out my stick and headed up the street to Harry’s. Well, I was certainly surprised to find that the police were outside the shop. I looked over to find Harry and Rose coming out of the shop, handcuffed.

Well, I was just amazed, I knew it was a mistake. The police are useless anyway, always ignoring my calls about the kids wrecking my garden. I shouted over to Rose but she could only give me a quick glance before she was forced into the back of a car. A police man pushed me back. How dare he push me. I told him to move out of the way but he wouldn’t. I demanded to know what had happened here. Drugs raid he replied. A drugs raid? I said how can this be. He ignored me and focussed his attention elsewhere.