On its most basic form, the debate about the Secularization of Religion in society has been blamed upon the process of modernity, even on the continuously modernizing society. It has been claimed by a lot of critics that modernity has pulled people away from the influences of their respective religions, without giving thought on the fact that it could have been an internal problem that caused the secularization in the first place. However, their argument still stands wherein modernity is the key factor to which caused the secularization of religion in society.

Michael W. Hughey quoted the argument of Bryan Wilson that the problem of secularization may have occurred within the religion itself, rather than the external forces originating from modernity like urbanization and industrialization (FindArticles. com 2004). Other critics would have agreed with Bryan Wilson and many others about the fact that the religion itself causing its decline. The changes in society happened drastically wherein the power shifted from the church towards the state, which may have happened during the Age of Enlightenment.

Knowledge became the chief factor in pushing society forward, and—in the process—further away from Religion. Then the “blame game” started, wherein Religion blamed Science and Knowledge for the modernizing of society which led to the gradual decline of religious authority by the Church. However, according to critics like Roger Finke, there has been no evidence to support the argument against urbanization, industrialization, and pluralism as the key causes towards the decline of religion (FindArticles. com 2004).

It may have all been caused by a misunderstanding between society and the church, wherein the church may have been heavily at fault with regards to their secularizaton. The church and its authority over society will continue to gradually decline. However, this decline may not be blamed on Modernity and its key factors. Certain religious influences still exists within many instituations associated with society. If it were modernity that is causing this decline, it could be assumed that religious influence and authority has already been dead decades ago.

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