Stereotypes have been a long-existing part of society. Stereotypes are classifications or labels used to group people with similar characteristics. On the negative, these stereotypes have been used to oversimplify and misjudge a person’s character. Imagining Stereotypes Away: The Moderation of Implicit Stereotypes Through Mental Imagery is a paper dedicated to research on implicit stereotypes.

It specifically addresses the influence of mental imagery on implicit gender stereotypes using five key experiments. Each of the five experiments targeted a certain aspect of the influence of mental imagery, specifically mental imagery on gender stereotypes. Using the models earlier presented in the text, the earlier perceptions of stereotypes were further challenged. The paper made use of qualitative statistical analyses for each experiment such as ANOVA.

The materials and procedure for each experiment were presented and the limitations also specified. In the end, the results of the experiments established the moderating influence of mental imagery on implicit stereotypes. The results bring up significant issues relating to stereotyping and the representation of stereotypes. Earlier models of stereotyping suggest that representation is highly influenced in the earlier stage by implicit stereotype activation.

However, the experiment has shown that an explicit process, that is, mental imagery can also greatly affect perception and stereotypes. (Blair, 2001) Deviating from the idea that stereotypes cannot be changed (The word stereotype was derived from a Greek word meaning “hard. ”) this paper suggests that stereotypes are actually alterable. This paper challenges the view of stereotypes and the attempts to break barriers and boundaries that restrain a non-stereotyped society.

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