The relationship between modern technology and Muslims is growing stronger each day. However, there are still some negative effects of technology, which are against the Islamic belief. For instance, technology is perceived as a contributing factor to the environment’s destruction. This is because effective measures have not been taken to ensure that the kind of technology used is environment friendly (Hossein, 2005). The mobile phone is an example of modern technology, and has got social and economic effects in the Muslim world.

Economic and Social effects In the Muslim world, mobile phones have been very beneficial as they have created jobs for so many people, therefore leading to economic development. Research in Egypt and Saudi Arabia reveals that for every job creation in the mobile phone industry, over eight jobs are created for the Muslims. Therefore, several Arab governments have embarked on strategies to promote high level competition in all telecommunications centers.

Consequently, the prices of services have been lowered, as well as improving their services, which has led to an increased productivity in the Muslim world. Additionally, the cost of engaging in business activities has been drastically reduced in the Muslim world. Several stock markets which had been dormant before have sky rocketed in the Muslim world, leading to economic benefits (Paul, 2006). Before the onset of the mobile phones in the Muslim world, effective communication had been cut off from the rest of the world.

However, the old and the young can comfortably communicate with the rest of the people in the world. In troubled areas, for instance, when there is war in Iran, the people have been kept together through mobile phone communication. Dispersed tribal groups have also been helped a lot as their cultural traditions have been kept intact (Paul, 2006). However, the mobile phone technology has had negative effects as far as the Islamic beliefs are concerned.

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A research conducted among a section of Saudi Arabia’s teenage girls revealed that Bluetooth technology has led to the spread of immorality as the girls are exposed to pornography, which is against the Islamic belief (Bayazidt, 2010). Conclusion There is no doubt that the mobile phone technology in the Muslim word has led to several benefits, as well as negative effects, which mostly pertain to the Islamic religious beliefs.


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