The article, “Miss America and social media’s ignorant bigotry’ written by Leonard Pitts Jr. is about how people label all Indian people as being Muslim and view them as terrorists, even though they are not Muslim. People in the US commit acts of violence against people from India who are presumed to be Muslim, and assume they are terrorists. The recently crowned Miss America is of Indian descent and people feel that this is not acceptable, and some people feel Miss America should be white with blonde hair and blue eyes. These pageants should not have the rejudices of people with foreign descent.The main point of this article is to illustrate the problems Indian people as well as people from the Middle East presently face in the US.

They are disrespected and acts of violence are committed against them. Some people in America tend to be ignorant towards people from middle Eastern countries and in some cases, fear them. Some make certain stereotypes, like all Arab people are terrorists, for example. I agree with the article’s purpose. I feel that many Americans are very prejudiced and tend to dislike people f Arab descent, because of the groups they are associated with, in this case, terrorists.I think that this topic is very popular in present time, and is also very controversial. Many people have different views about it, and I feel this topic is imperative and needs to be discussed more often.

I knew about this topic, but after the Miss America competition, I didn’t know that people posted images and comments on social sites that spoke so negatively about Nina Davuluri. I feel that is despicable and is truly a shame. Nina should be viewed the same way as any other pageant winner.