Mike gives him a distorted view of the

Mike Teavee has issues with reality. His dependence on how life is portrayed on TV gives him a distorted view of the real world. His parents enable this by allowing him to eat TV Dinners, so he doesn’t have to sit at the table and eat dinner, he can just constantly watch shows. It is this oedipal complex that leads him to mess with the television chocolate even though Wonka previously stated that he is still trying to workout some of the issues with the concept. He also stated that once when they were experimenting with the camera only half a bar of chocolate materialized. In the end of the scene Mike is sent to the TV successfully however, he is now miniature and there is no talk of the process being able to be reversed.Charlie Buckets, the protagonist of the story, too is tempted by a flaw which is entitlement. Not because he is rich or has power, but rather because he’s poor, he grew up poor, and he feels like he’s meant to find that Golden Ticket. This line of thinking is not his fault. Grandpa Joe makes Charlie feel that he is entitled to it.  He tells Charlie that he deserves it more than everyone else because he wants it more than everyone else. Charlie never really shows that he feels entitled, but Grandpa Joe certainly does. Since Charlie’s father is out of the picture, most likely because of the fact that he would have to take care of his family and his wife’s parents and uncle, it is Grandpa Joe who is his biggest role model. Charlie has to help his family by getting a paper route while Grampa Joe doesn’t help at all. It is this mentality that Grampa Joe feels that someone else should take care of him that enables Charlie’s sense of entitlement. Grandpa Joe is the one who talks Charlie into sneaking away to try the fizzy drinks that almost lead to their death, but they luckily find a way to escape and continue the tour. However, Wonka finds out about this so at the end of the tour when Charlie is supposed to get the lifetime supply of chocolate he decides that Charlie will get nothing. Infuriated, Grandpa Joe suggests to Charlie that they should give the everlasting gobstopper to Mr. Slugworth. After this Charlie decides to give the gobstopper back to Mr. Wonka. With this action Mr. Wonka has a change of heart and reveals that the actual prize is the factory and the real purpose of the tour was to find someone worthy enough to succeed him. Since he is the only child that has overcome this oedipal complex and ultimately chooses to think for himself and not to follow his ID, Mr. Wonka picks him to be his heir meaning Charlie and his family can move into the factory immediately.This shows the reward for not following one’s ID. This is why it is a very common movie to show to kids because it shows that you get rewarded for doing the right thing even though this movie has several things that would be considered morbid or strange.