A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Comedy is created in many ways in this scene. Every aspect of media helps to create it including framing, camera and angle movements, colour, etc… If you analyse these things in great detail a lot of things come to light which at first glance you wouldn’t notice. Firstly, at the beginning of the scene when Bottom enters we see him in shadow and the comical aspect of the ‘dehumanised’ Bottom hits us when he enters the bright lights, he has been stripped of his dignity and has been put under the spotlight so to speak with the appearance of an ass.

The ears are ridiculous but look realistic and have a majestic crown on top which adds to the humour as an animal wearing a crown is something we find funny because it doesn’t happen in real life. Bottom looks out of place in the beautiful forest, he isn’t the stereotypical romantic hero that enters most peoples dreams. We laugh at him because he is unaware of what is going on and is nodding so he doesn’t offend anyone. He is entering what looks like a fairy ceremony, they are all standing in a ring smiling at him, trying to hide their laughter, mockery and female conspiracy.

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Bottom’s hubris is conveyed through the fairies’ mocking expressions, they are mocking him which shows his fall from arrogance. We know what is going on which is why we laugh at him, it’s his dream and yet he is the only one who is confused and being laughed at which adds to the dramatic irony of the scene. The next thing the audience notices is the panning of the camera as Bottom walks into the woods, there are also fairies behind him with earns on their heads, which we laugh at because it is funny, we know people are not supposed to wear earns on their heads.

The camera view is as if it is from the point of view of a fairy ‘fluttering’ around , it then switches to a long shot view of Bottom looking into the fairy ring and you can see that he and Titania are taller than everyone else which makes them seem superior which is why we laugh because you would never see an ass with a beautiful member of royalty. You notice all these funny little characters when you analyse the long shot view, they are like comical pantomime characters dressed as royalty.

This gives the audience permission to laugh because they are random and you wonder why they are there, they are also mocking royalty. The audience also notices all the melodramatic colours and sounds of the forest and the flowers, you can almost smell them because there are so many, this makes fun of love, it makes it over the top, which makes us laugh. Another overpowering aspect of the scene which conveys humour is the over melodramatic costumes of Titania and Bottom, Titania mostly.

When they are kissing the camera does an extreme close up view which shows us their expressions in great detail. Titania is wearing a very gaudy, gold headdress which looks cheap, this makes us laugh because it looks like something you see in the pantomime. It also focuses on Bottom’s ass like ears which are perked up when they are kissing which adds to the humour. When the embarrassing moment happens when they are kissing, this humiliates Bottom, and to make it even worse he lets out this awkward laugh like a donkey braying because he doesn’t know what else to do.

When this happens, because of the close up view, we see the expression on Titania’s face which is of embarrassment and almost disgust for Bottom so we laugh. All the surrounding fairies laugh as well so that gives us permission. The love making scene between Bottom and Titania in the swinging bed is by far the most over romantic one. The swinging of the bed and camera almost makes the audience feel sick along with all the flowers and bright colours. The camera view is like a long shot looking down on them making love and zooming in closer as if it wants to look in on them.

The audience feels embarrassed because it is something we shouldn’t be looking in on so we laugh at our embarrassment. The music that plays in the background during the love scene is very overpowering, untactful and almost sickening and we laugh because it is making fun of old romantic films with the stereotypical music. The main thing we find funny is the fact that Titania is making love to an ass, she is unaware of what she is doing because of the spell she is under. If she was aware she wouldn’t do it because she would see Bottom for what he really was like how the audience sees him, ugly.

We also laugh at how this is Bottom’s dream and yet he is being laughed at and embarrassed. Therefore, comedy is created by making the audience laugh at all the random things in this scene. There are things which give the audience permission to laugh, for example, the strange pantomime characters, there is no reason they are there so we laugh. Dramatic irony is also created a lot in this scene due to the spell Bottom and Titania are under. Bottom’s fall from arrogance is also shown in this scene which makes us laugh because he is being totally humiliated.