entered into a new exciting era of technology. There is a huge list of changes
to windows. A new window was launched by Microsoft which was known to be one of
the best and popular operating system Microsoft ever developed.  It was “Windows
8”. Windows 8 is considered to be the new revolution in the technological
world of operating systems. As compared to other operating systems Windows 8 is
entitled with some of the unique and latest features. All the previous versions
of Windows were revived and Microsoft launched elegant and advance user version
in the shape of Windows 8. In
2009, before the release of Windows 7, the development of Windows 8 already
started.  When the Windows 8 hasn’t started
there were three  versions released from
September 2011 to May 2012. For manufacturing, the operating system was
released on August 1, 2012. It was available in the market on 26th
October, 2012.Features:·       
Gestures:Windows 8 is
known to be true gestural version of Windows. Its OS supports a simple touch gesture.
There is another feature of Semantic Zoom, which helps the user in navigating
with the help of pinch-to-zoom gesture for a great and high-level. There are
some other and useful gestures that are efficient for swiping or dragging in
from the top of the screen and dragging the application  from the top bottom to exit or close it. ·       
Safety &
Security:Windows 8
has some new and different security features. There are two authentication
methods which are designed for touchscreens. They are; PIN and Password Picture. It
also features SmartScreen which is a
cloud based anti-phising and anti-malware component. While looking at the
features the Windows 8 has been made for any kind of operating device and
adding the feature for Family’s Safety, that they can easily manage their
children’s activities through any device and from any device no matter where
are they for an ease through Parental Controls.·       
Live Tiles
& Lock Screen:Windows 8
helps the user to feed the information of an app without even opening them. It
is especially helpful with apps like Mail, Calendar, Photos and News, for
viewing new email, upcoming events, thumbnails, images and latest headlines. If
a user gets tired of the changing tiles of an app, then the Live Tile feature
can be turned off. Moreover,
Windows 8 has made it more lively on the lock screen and you got to use upto
seven application at the mean time consecutively running at the background
which will help you get the notification of each task happening. The user can
also switch between the apps and which leads to show information of the lock
screen. And even if you had an important notification or you set it up appears
on the lock screen and notifies the user. So that everything works on time.·       
Search:There is a
great tool in Windows 8 which helps in searching for files, apps and specific
settings just by typing. If there is an app with built-in search, then you will
also be able to search within that app from the Search Charms bar.  Let’s take an example that you want to search
for “Lunch wagons”. The Windows 8 search will be able to look through any apps
or files related to food trucks, but you can also just tap Bing to jump into
that app’s search functionality.·       
& Reset:With Windows
8, Microsoft now offers a simple method to refresh or reset your PC. When you
find your PC getting slow, then refresh option is very useful. With just one
tap and one click, you can refresh the PC without changing any of the settings
and files. Reset is a
great option especially when you want to sell your old PC. If you want to
remove and erase all your data from your PC, then Reset is the best feature one
should use. With the help of this feature, you don’t have to delete all the
files individually. By just one tap, your PC will wash away all your data.    ·       
Settings:Whether you
have PC, tablet or notebook, you can easily sync your personal settings. Due to
the Microsoft account and cloud-friendly platform of Windows 8, your personalization
can travel with you. The “Sync your settings” option within your PC settings
lets you sync personalization (background, colors, lock screen and account
picture), passwords, language preferences, app settings, browser settings, and
more. It makes using a new device much easier and makes borrowing a friend’s
tablet or notebook a more personal experience. Windows 8 Product Key:A lot of
users were having problems in activating Windows 8 because it requires a
certain key to activate it. Now the wait is over, Windows 8 product key was
launched to activate the genuine windows in PC or laptops or any other device.  Windows 8 product key is an operating system
which has extensive number of features. It is used to install this OS on the
system, so that the user can enjoy the options that come with this operating
system. Those users
who want to get a free of cost legitimate installation of Windows, only
requires a certain key for Windows Media Center update that is directly
available from Microsoft. The tools of Windows 8 product key contain Windows
Defender, SmartScreen Filtering. Windows 8 product key is considered to be the
most stable running systems by Microsoft. The
efficiency of Windows 8 product key is better than any other previous keys. You
don’t need to worry about updates now. it is a completely automatic procedure. Features of Windows 8 product key:·       
Less time consuming. ·       
Friendly interface.·       
Time-to-time update.·       
Quicker and faster.  Pros &
The new start menu with tiles is
beautiful. It can be customized and the live tiles are very useful·       
It would just work beautifully on
a touchscreen device·       
Windows marketplace, something
that windows was missing. It has a good selection of apps that use the new UI.
These apps just make the OS a delight to use·       
Works on a wide range of hardware·       
Built in cloud sync and
backup  ·       
It is faster.        Cons:·       
Needs some getting used to before
the user can be comfortable.·       
Not so good with desktops. Some
things can seem like a stretch when using the traditional mouse.·       
Many of the good apps on the
store are paid apps.·       
Some device drivers aren’t yet
available. But I’m sure this won’t be a problem in future. ·       
The presence of two
“modes” – the metro mode, and the desktop mode, can be confusing to
some users.



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