Medical treatments and the use of medical
technology today have made astonishing advances over the years. Hospital
medical errors are the “third leading cause of death in the United States”
(Shanafelt, T., 2017). The amount of money that the U.S government spending to
invest in technology continues to grow. Despite the enormous investment in
innovation, we cannot deny the benefits of technology in healthcare.

Technology in health care has become
increasingly complex and transforming the way nurses and health care providers
provide treatments for patients. One of the most highly advanced devices is the
use of communication between technology and healthcare practitioners. The
impact of technology on healthcare have dramatically improved patient
well-being. Among the advantages of technology in healthcare, there is a
reduced number of death cases, treatment of recovery time have been reduced
significantly. Emerging technologies have positively impact the practice of
nursing. The advanced technologies have created less invasive and more accurate
tools for treatments, hence, lower patient risk and cost. To optimally ”
technology is designed to minimize errors and buffer the consequences of errors
by (1) eliminating errors and adverse events ; (2) reducing the occurrence of
errors/ adverse events; (3) detecting errors early, (4) mitigating the effects
of errors after they occur to minimize injury” (Gail, P., 2008). Technology
decreases risk to the patient and reduces number of harms.

One of the reasons why I choose to focus on the
issue of technology in healthcare because I will encounter an evolving trend of
technologies as a future nurse. It would be beneficial for me to learn more
about technologies so that I can provide my patients the best possible care. I
would also want to learn more about the benefits of technologies related to
healthcare so that I would know which devices to implement. Moreover, I can
educate my patients to use some of these advanced devices to save more time and
be more efficient. I believe with the advaned technologies, people can now keep
track of their overal health to prevent illnesses and diseases like diabetes or
cardiac diseases. Nowadays, I personally use my phone to keep track of my
health by recording my fitness routine and daily food intake.

It is beneficial for local governments to
continue funding for medical technologies. There are substantial inward
investments in the field of healthcare technology that not only help innovation
but also provide a number of high-quality jobs. For instance, healthcare
facilities now hire surgical technologists, EEG/ EKG technologists, and MRI
technologists. Nurses educators could advance “the role of nurses in the use of
technology by including human factors engineers into nursing science and
computer science to manage and communicate data” (Cassano C., n.d). This type
of technology allows patients to interact with healthcare providers and they
are able to schedule online appointments with each other. The vital element of
healthcare information is chart and documentation. Patient documentation is a
way for nurses to communicate the patient’s condition to their doctors.
Moreover, electronic documentation help assembles information about the
patient’s needs and enhance accuracy. In addition, the electronic documentation
has evolved to provide a plan of care for patients and direct patient care

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Investment in research and innovation is
critical to advance medical progress. Ultimately, local governments should
provide more funds for healthcare technology investments. The advanced
technology can result in more convenient, more effective, and less expensive
treatments. Normally, patients will have to wait and schedule appointments to
see their physicians or receive treatments. However, if the governments invest
more funds in research and development, patients can save a trip from traveling
from one facility to another for treatment, they can receive treatments at home
especially those patients that have chronic diseases. Nowadays, there are
numerous of health apps that you can use to detect any potential illnesses, for
example, you can use an app to take a picture of a mole and it will detect
whether you are at risk for cancer. According to JMIR article, “the usage of
health apps among health care professionals, patients and gener public and apps
can play a role in patient education, disease self-management, remote
monitoring of patients, and collection of dietary data” (Carroll, J.K., 2017). Therefore,
federal authorities should support research and development designed to improve
health care quality and efficiency.

Before extensive application of technology,
nurses relied heavily on their basic knowledge of healthcare and their senses
to monitor patient status. Nowadays, technology is now designed to detect
physical changes in patient conditions. Pulse oximetry, blood pressure, and
vital signs can now easily detect any changes. Moreover, one of the highly
complex devices bars coding medication administration. The implementation of a
computerized provider order entry system (CPOE) is believed to reduce
medication errors. In addition, patients are now required to wear an
identification armband in which allow the process of giving medications more at
ease because it will be unlikely for nurses to administer medications to a
wrong patient. Medication errors are common and very harmful to patients.
Electronic entry of medications orders may reduce errors from poor handwriting
or incorrect transcription. Many hospitals and nursing facilities have adopted
CPOE, it is estimated that “17.4 million medication errors per year avoided due
to CPOE – a 12.5% reduction nationally” (Radley, D.C,, 2013). This
innovative automated system improves nursing productivity and enhances patient

use of technology is the current trend in healthcare and it will continue to
play a major role for years to come. Today, patients benefit from many forms of
education, and with technologies, they can easily search up the diseases to
know more about it. The nurse’s ultimate goal through the use of information
technology is patient education and patients are educated with the help of




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