Media dynamic and impartial media. Media resembles a

Media is main means of mass communication (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) regarded collectively.Public demands and truth of societies were publicized by the media. Media is a source which delivers information from one to many. Media become an important aspect of every individual’s life and in all field of society. In today’s era, a person doesn’t even imagine about surviving without media. Media plays a crucial role in shaping a healthy democracy. Media is considered as the backbone of democracy. As media criticize and advertise government and government’s action. Indirectly, media set boundaries for the government. I can’t think about a majority rules system without a dynamic and impartial media. Media resembles a guard dog in a majority rules system that keeps the administration dynamic. From being only an informer it has turned into a necessary thing of our day to day lives. As media provide education to locality and then educated locality takes country towards democracy and fair government which is an ultimate step towards country’s success. “Media may win or lose election: the media may impeach politician and often, the media may even veto government decision it is precisely this power of a free, strong and responsible media that can maintain and sanity and foster the common good” ( Mwita, C., & Franceschi, G. (Eds.). (2010). As democracy is government by the people of the people and for the people media is a connection between mass population and authorities in power. As the concentration of media increase consequently, it leads to a fair government that’s democracy. Media effect religion, economics, education, government and advancement of a society and all these aspects effect media. Media’s main function is to create awareness and in case of democracy media aware common people with different social, economic and political activities happening around us. Nowadays media is playing a role of a mirror in the society which shows harsh realities of the society, media remind leaders about the promises they made while election campaigns for the benefits of societies. TV and radio have made critical accomplishments in instructing provincial ignorant masses and making them mindful of the considerable number of occasions that are occurring in their dialect. The scope of exploitative acts of neglect of town heads and moneylenders has brought stringent activities upon them by pulling in the government’s consideration.  Media is the one who exposes corrupted loopholes in politics or power. Media is the one who contributes a lot to run a fair, citizen-friendly and responsible system who favors benefit pf people not their own. Media hand in hand with technology reaches all corners of the world and unmask many political and common issue and helps the government to focus on them as the government can’t reach or can’t be present everywhere but media can so the media works as a connection.Media is further divided into three categories: oral media which includes myths and stories it is the kind of media which is mostly related to culture as the stories or myths told are cultural stories and passing on generation to generation. Second is printed media which includes books and newspapers. Gutenberg is first press which starts printing media and this is established in the 15th century and is a kind of religious and cultural press. The third one is electronic or digital media this is the turning point in media and connected globe and create awareness in every field incline education, living standards and become an important step toward a democratic nation or government with the democracy. Social media, radio, television and newspaper and books are few popular sources of mass media and the majority have access to these sources. Media is owned by both public and private enterprise. Different countries have different have owners in some countries media is only controlled by the government like China whereas in some it’s controlled by small broadcasting agencies like bell and roger in Canada. Media ownership is the most important thing to consider as the owner set limits to context which is printed or the person or authority which can print what satisfy him or what he thought is good. As owner can filter their own ideology. As production, context and conveying message to audience is all depend on owner and effects whole country sometimes the whole world. Media has the power to shake roots of a nation. Production and content of the news also affected by the culture or religion of a particular place, for instance, writing something on racism which inclines it is against the moral values and is considered a serious offense in law.  Sometimes a news becomes a reason for protests and revolution. As in politics, a loophole can ruin the system same in media producer or production patterns change the true meaning of a news. A news is always altered according to reader as readers most of the time have religious mentalities at some point and to make audience understand the new is always produced by considering that mentality. Most of the countries have open relationship with social structure as media have freedom to speak and question issues of society even the decision of government. Context is something that connects thoughts of publisher or sender to receiver the audience. It is very important that only those things published or published in a way those are decoded by the reader according to his knowledge and ability to understand. Religious cooperation or some sensor board set ethical and moral codes to this system so that structure of a news can put negative impact on the society or at least that negative effect doesn’t harm the society. As considered in text if you are from another planet then the media is the one who introduce with many topic like example given in text as a stranger to our planet you might be forgiven for thinking that ‘fatness’ is something that can be transmitted from one person to another (rather like AIDS, HIV or influenza) and your mistake mighty be influenced by the fact ‘obesity epidemic'(Devereux, E. (2014). As in the example, the content of news can lead a person to incorrect information that’s dangerous to humanity.Media is also closely related to capitalism as people in power or people who had money controls media in many ways which is a negative impact of media on public and system. If media is corrupted as we already mentioned that media has the power to shake system, then corrupted media must lead the whole country towards negative which conclusively give a bad outcome. “The sheer dominance of few economically powerful players in the media market leading to the establishment of a monopolistic Vertical Ownership Pattern” (Mukherjee, T. (2015). “Cross Media Ownerships have also emerged as one of the very dominant patterns of media ownership. There has always been the domination of few major giant conglomerates owning various media outlets both vertically as well as horizontally” (Mukherjee, T. (2015).