discourse is a follow-up to political narratives. In the absence of
information, i.e., actual terms of a fact known to a disparate few but withheld
from other non-participatory lot, there are varying degrees of rational
incompleteness. The resultant media rhetoric is inconsistent and leads to
Division of Perspectives in public opinion and growth-hindering prejudice. This
historical annihilation of facts leads to an inheritance based
perceptual-society based on limited knowledge. This
research analyses the Media discourse of Indian and Pakistani media in their
reporting of Kashmir, the validity of following historical narratives in
contemporary contents and its effects on the reading audience as ‘interpretive
communities’ to support future decisions of the State.

The research
hypotheses that Variance in Media
discourse impedes State solutions to border problems and Politics can’t be separated from media
ethics in cross-border conflicts. The objectives of the study are to observe media discourses of Indian
and Pakistan, to analyse India-Pakistan Border conflicts and attitudes of
actors involved, to understand political communication and examine decision-making
in cross-border conflicts, and then possibly be able to connect media narrative
with state and larger public opinion. The research will institute analysis
of media content. The prime focus will be on the Discourse analysis with a bit
of narrative analysis.

analysis is a series of complementary techniques focused on the interpretive
reading of a sample of media texts in order to expose the dominant episteme
(knowledge and the degree of its validation), assumptions, ideologies or values
underwriting them (Atkinson 2017, pp. 279). It studies the interaction between
the speaker (in the case of media, it is the writer/reporter who is the
articulator of facts) and the reader (who compose the audience), continued over
a number of sentences, running within a specific situational context and an
established socio-cultural framework. The analysis breaks down general use of
language and rhetoric (with relation to discourses, norms and expectations)
in-and-between particular groups of people and individuals. Foucault in his
early studies of disciplinary agents defines discourse as “ways of constituting
knowledge, together with the social practices, forms of subjectivity and power
relations which inhere in such knowledges and relations between them.

are more than ways of thinking and producing meaning. They constitute the
‘nature’ of the body, unconscious and conscious mind and emotional life of the
subjects they seek to govern (Weedon 1987, p. 108).” The encoding of preferred
meanings in a text limits alternate (or resistive) readings and understandings
of a represented subject (Hall 1980). 
The causing ‘Capillary’ power of discourses can thus frame reality
through language practice and dictate policies by redefining forms and limits
of expressibility , conversations, memory and reactivation (Marshall

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analysis tries to understand the cognitive choice of specific language and
symbols by individuals or groups to represent something about them and it
approaches media as a contextual tool to produce, mediate and disseminate
cultural identities, images and opportunities for storytelling (Atkinson 2017,
pp. 279-80). The study is analytical, comparative, and historical drawing from
both primary and secondary sources trying to answer how can political communication be
delivered for effectively building public opinion in incompleteness of
accountable & transparent information?

The reprisal
to any violations or disagreements on the Working Border (WB as accorded in
name by Pakistan) agreement is general restraint and diplomatic deliberation by
the Governments of India and Pakistan. The media ethics which follows impartial
and fair reporting is responsible for the people’s consciousness that is deeply
impressed with nationalistic Identity but it also sensible to the injustice
honed on fellow-lives in western and northernmost Kashmir and the Kashmir
valley. The media image constructed though is politically motivated wherein the
elected and nominated representatives of the geographical neighbors seem to
work towards regaining land and not building a cordial internal security
environment along the agreed Line of Control (LoC). 


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