I agree with your thread that the media is a major factor that influences the behavior of people. In the 21st century the media gain more power control over people’s lives once the broadband age arrived. The broadband age connected the traditional media channels with newer channels through high speed internet connections. The internet and mobile technology are two new channels that impact our everyday lives.

The power of television has stayed as strong as ever as new generations of TV viewers now enjoy their TV in advanced LCD big screen television with high definition capabilities. The media is so smart that it looks at every single opportunity to send a message to potential buyers. Media companies are infiltrating video games to transmit advertising messages. Since the launch of the iPhone many new smart phones have been released into the marketplace.

These new generation phones are gadgets capable of connecting to the internet at fast broadband speeds. Mobile technology has the capability of generating customized advertising campaigns. These targeted campaigns are more effective than traditional marketing strategies. I believe that the computer more than the television is the new gadget kids are growing up with that has become irreplaceable in their lives.

The computer has become the ultimate media room capable of playing music, watching DVDs, or connecting to the internet to popular social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace. It is important for families to teach their kids values that go beyond interacting with a computer or television set. Children of all ages look up to their parents as role models and leaders. Getting involved in our kids life is the best way to change the negative social trend of television and the computer being the primary focus of our kids after school activities.

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