Meaning of Life and Generosity

According to the dictionary, the meaning of generosity is freely giving or sharing. It means to give others benefits without any interests. It means to be benevolent to others without any plan to take benefits from them. Generosity is purely a one sided relationship. It is repudiated with the interests of the generous person. Generosity can also be referred as the deference of the generous person. Generosity is a continuous process and generous deeds at the time of others need make them worthwhile. The beauty of generosity is that it is not only limited to friends only.

It is a catholic process. The fervor of generosity is the same for friends, family and enemies. Although generosity is a one sided relationship ,but it gives benefits to the generous person too. A poor generous person is happier and complacent than a rich miser person. Hence generosity is a catholic process whose passion is the same for friends and enemies, generosity gives self satisfactation to the generous person and makes generous person beloved in the eyes of his fellow human beings. Generosity is an ongoing process which requires compliancy and self denial.

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Generous person is not reclusive and hermitlike, but in fact, he is the most garrulous person of the society. A person is well liked due to his attitude toward them. Sometimes, cynic people become the enemy of generous people. They become jealous of their fame and good name. For instance, there was a person named Hatam Tae. He was very famous for his generosity and philanthropy. The King of his time started hating him because people liked him more than the King. The King passed the orders to imprison Hatam. Hatam ran away and hid himself in the cave.

The King announced that the person who will catch Hatam and bring him to the king will be given a prize of 1000 dirham. One day in the forest Hatam heard the old woodcutter talking to her wife. He said “I am grown old now and it is difficult for me to cut woods in the forests. I don’t have any other source of income. I wish I could catch Hatam and present him in front of the king to get a prize of 1000 dirham. I can spend my life in peace after that. ” When Hatam heard the old man’s conversation, he at once came out the cave and said the old man to take him to the king to get the reward. Old man was annoyed.

He refused to do it. He said he can’t do that to a philanthropic person like Hatam. On Hatam’s insistence old man agreed. When they were on the way to the king’s palace other people also saw Hatam. All of them accompanied the old man and started arguing that they had caught the Hatam. When they reached the King’s palace each and every one claimed for the prize. King was confused after seeing the crowd. At last he asked Hatam to tell the truth for he knew Hatam always speak the truth. Hatam told him the entire story. The King was impressed by the Hatam’s generosity. He acclaimed the good nature of Hatam.

He rewarded Hatam and old man with prize and gave punishment to the liar. The circle of generosity is really wide and is not limited to friends only. Everybody is of equal importance in the eyes of generosity. The purpose of generosity is to help in time of need, not to get any benefits. For example, there was a king named Sultan Salah Ud Din Ayobi. He was in a battle with a king named Richard The loin Heart. Sultan came to know that the horse of his opposing king was killed in a battle. He stopped the battle at once. He sent one of his best horses to Richard and then resumed the battle.

In another battle Sultan came to know that his opponent is ill. Sultan ordered to stop the battle. He sent his personal physician for his treatment. Sultan announced he will resume the battle only when his opposing king will get healthy once again and will be ready for the battle. Generosity is a noble deed which requires courage and love for mankind. Generosity is the name to give sacrifice for others. Generosity is the process which has long lasting benefits. Generous deed of one person can serve many generations. Generosity is the beauty of the human nature.