Maya SilvaMr Ayers Jan .19. 18Meeting a goal can bring success in a person’s outer world and to a person’s inner world. Meeting a goal can earn recognition and respect from peers. It can also encourage a person’s self esteem and provide more courage to a person in need. In Ernest Hemingway’s “The Old Man and the Sea”, Santiago receives respect from his peers and gains more physical and mental strength. The respect, physical, and mental strength he gained is outer success and material success. The Old Man also gains inner success by gaining more self esteem and pride from catching the marlin and dolphin.Santiago, The Old Man receives outer success by earning the respect and appreciation of the other fisherman and the young boy, Manlion. The young boy is speaking to The Old Man in his shack after The Old Man’s journey, “You must get well fast for there is much that I can learn and you can teach me everything” (page 126). Manlion admires The Old Man for being able to be optimistic even though everyone doubted him. The fisherman show respect towards The Old Man as they note they size of the fish after The Old Man returns home,”What a fish it was, there has never been such a fish” (page 123). Because The Old Man caught the biggest fish they have ever seen he earns the respect of the other fishermen.          Santiago does not have much material success because he lost all the material he would have sold if the sharks had not eaten it all. In the end all he has left is the skeleton of the marlin to prove he caught the fish. The only material success Santiago gained was physical and mental strength. The Old Man is exhausted from his trip because of how much energy it took to catch the marlin. “He had to sit down five times before he reached his shack” (page 121). During the shark attacks, Santiago is optimistic about his hand bleeding. “The bleeding may keep the left from cramping” (page 111). He has gained enough mental and physical strength that he is able to use the bleeding pain to distract himself from how much pain he is in. He has a marlin on his line but is unable to pull it up or else the line would snap so he endores three days and three night of constant excruciating pain just so he can prove that he is able to still fish     Santiago has inner success because his only goal while setting out into sea for 85 days was to catch a fish. To him it didn’t matter the size or even the kind of fish he just needed to show Manlion’s parents and maybe to himself a bit that he could still catch fish. So that he could take Manlion out to sea with him again. Deep down inside the Old Man might have been having some doubts about himself. Because he isn’t youthful and because he lost some of his pride it would make sense for him to give up on trying to fish.”He took all his pain and his long gone pride and he put it against the fish’s agony” (page 93). But he doesn’t he keeps going out everyday for 84 days, then on the 85 day he sails out farther than he did the previous days. He eventually does catch the marlin and heads back to his town but on the way there sharks attack his boat and eat the marlin.” The shark closed fast astern and when he hit the fish the Old man saw his mouth open” (page 101). In the end Santiago had inner success because he accomplished his only goal, to catch a fish. The Old Man never thought about catching the biggest fish he just wanted to be able to fish again with Manlion. He never intended on selling the fish or even bringing it back to show the townspeople. The Old Man wanted to prove to himself that he could still catch a fish even though it took him 85 days. He never gave up and was successful no matter who doubted him, because he didn’t care what everyone else said about him. The Old Man didn’t care who talked about him. He only cared about what he thought about himself and that was enough for him and Manlion.


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