Max think that was animal instinct or animal

Max Cec was 14 years old and couldn’t swim when he
fell out of his Fathers boat in south-east Italy he was within minutes of death
when Filippo came to his rescue. Emanuele Cec was unaware his that Max had
fallen into the ocean . Filipo was pushing him up out of the water to safety. The
thing that makes this unusual is that Filippo is a dolphin. Filippo had been a
popular tourist attraction Manfredonium in south east Italy for two years. Do
you think that was animal instinct or animal intelligence?

the common pigeon is seriously misunderstood and is impressively intelligent. Not
only do pigeons remember dozens of routes to find their way to familiar places,
they can also recognize their faces in the mirror. The pigeon’s memory doesn’t
stop there as they can also remember hundreds of photographs and images. also,
pigeons have an ability to adapt to a variety of different environments, being living
in grassland, deserts, forest and in many cities and towns.

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     On the
other hand, Chimpanzees and other apes are known for their intelligence scientists
are interested with these amazing animals. These close relatives of humans have
many of the traits that prove intelligence. They used tools like sticks to put
into termite mounds to gather termites to eat. These smart animals can also
learn sign language and teach it to other members of their kind. The tools and
ways in which they use them vary among populations and are learned from youth
when observing adults. Chimpanzees are intelligent and can solve many kinds of
problems given to them to them by human trainers and experimenters. Many
researchers have taught chimpanzees to use sign language
or languages based on the display of tokens or symbols.

     Last but not
least dolphins, many scientist believe Dolphins are the 2 smartest animals on
the earth. They learn complicated things quickly for example dolphin society is
very complicated and these animals must learn the rules and how the dolphin group
functions. They use tools and have a complicated language of whistle sounds.
One incredible example of intelligence was exhibited by a dolphin at the institute
for marine mammal Studies in Mississippi. This Dolphin was rewarded a fish for
every piece of trash it retrieved from its pool. The intelligent creature would
take large pieces of trash it found and rip them into smaller pieces before giving
them in for the reward.