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Matt Kaleta Mr. Kittlaus World History A22 January 2018The Reagan Revolution       Did the Reagan Revolution actually turn this country around? Ronald Reagan, most likely the greatest president the United States will ever have, who changed Americans lives in the best way possible with the Reagan Revolution in the 1980’s. First, what is the Reagan Revolution, second, the Revolutions main goals, and finally what is and how reaganomics  was important.     First of all, what was the Reagan Revolution. The Reagan Revolution refers to economics, politics, and the dramatic changes in those categories, and society that took place in under the Reagan administration between 1980 and 1989. This revolution was the turn around for the American people and their lifestyle. The economic standpoint coming off of the 1970s decade is awful; the 1980s is going to change that standpoint to be viewed in a new and different aspect. Politics is different. Most of the Americans didn’t want to even think about politics because of how bad it was. Yet, that changed during the Reagan Revolution. This revolution wanted to draw people in and show them what is so good about it. Even society was a big part in making the people change their view with the help of other people.     Second of all, the main goals of the Reagan Revolution. The 1980s was the best decade the American people will ever have. Ronald Reagan was elected president, for this was going to be the dream decade for the American people, getting them back on there feet and living the best life possible. He improved business value so people would make more money for the work you put in. People would get what they deserve for the hard work and dedication they put in.    Finally, what is Reaganomics. Reaganomics focuses on the supply side of the people being supplied with the necessary needs, and businesses being supplied, and the supplier to them. He also focused on the tax cuts so the people wouldn’t have to worry if they were going to have enough money to buy themselves what they want, and pay there fees. “Laissez faire approach this word means hands off laissez faire economics stresses free market interaction and involvement with government regulations.”     In conclusion, Ronald Reagan and the Reagan Revolution is most like the greatest thing that will ever happen to this country. With all the changes he made for the good by helping the American people back on their feet along with all the tax cuts, and more, he truly turned this country in the right direction.Sullivan, Nate. “The Reagan Revolution: Definition, Summary & Significance.”,, Staff. “Ronald Reagan.”, A Television Networks, 2009,, Richard M. “The Lasting Legacy of the Reagan Revolution | Richard M. Ebeling.” FEE, Foundation for Economic Education, 1 July 2004,