Master of Arts in Pastoral Counseling

The Statement of Faith in Asian Theological Seminary is that “The Bible is the final authority in faith and practice”. This school community gives emphasis to the pivotal purpose of the Scripture in each Christian life. As I attended the first two sessions of Introduction to the Bible it becomes clearer into my mind and as well as into my heart. During the first day, I discovered three new profound significance of reading the Scripture.

First, a person has pre-positioning and pre-understanding in reading the Bible that affects the way he/she comprehends it. For this I become more aware about it. Thus I need to allow the Scripture to correct me and empower my knowledge based on God’s wisdom. It is a dynamic on-going dialogue between the Scripture and me. Second, when the Lord speaks to His creation there is always revelation and the creation should listen and positively response to it. In reading the Bible the Lord always talk to His children in variety of ways.

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He touches our hearts and finds our souls desires, we just need to lend our ear, open our eyes to see and response positively that God has great plans for us. The creation account in Genesis demonstrates this kind of relationship between God and His creation, “And God said, “Let there be…” and there was …”. Third, God’s grace is always present in His creations. As our professor said “God’s grace overriding everything”, even human failures and sins. I really appreciate the account of Noah, the rainbow which symbolizes God’s unconditional love and unfailing grace towards humanity.

In the second session which is the Patriarchal Narrative in Genesis 12-50 disclose different perspectives in my mind. Before those Bible stories that I always heard at the Sunday school is simple as any fairytale story with happy ending. Moreover, the discussion last Saturday moved me into higher level of comprehension and appreciation of God’s grace towards His people. Every time I attended my classes in ATS, I’m so overwhelmed on how the Holy Spirit penetrates the message of the Scripture into my heart and soul.

Furthermore, the Book of Genesis also known as “The Beginning” really intended to encourage the people. It is the “Beginning” of God’s love and faithfulness into His creations. Walang huli sa Lord, kung gusto mo mag-umpisa ulit na kasama Siya mangyayari iyon. (pakiEnglish, hehehe). Whereas Christians we need to proclaim God’s love and faithfulness into our life. I believe that in every Christian’s life there is a promising story about God’s goodness.