Martin the way we treat each other and



Martin Luther King Jr. was a civil rights leader born
in Atlanta Georgia on January 15, 1929. He committed his life to achieving
equality and justice for all colored Americans. MLK lead nonviolent protest in
Birmingham, Alabama. Birmingham police and citizen who didn’t support brought
violence. He would also have meetings and urge boycotts for business. MLK was
important to society because he changed the way we treat each other and have
equal opportunities for all.


 Martin Luther King Jr. changed the way we coexist today
by creating equal

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opportunity for everyone. MLK was a civil rights leader born in Atlanta Georgia
in 1929. He did not stand with racism. Civil Rights Movement would have
nonviolent protest. However,
citizens and police officers would turn it violent. They have meetings and
urged boycotts of businesses who supported racial segregation. On paragraph 7,
it states, “The civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed racial discrimination in job
practices and public places”. This explains that MLK and the Civil Rights Movement
accomplished ending racial discrimination and now people today can work
together black or any race and won’t get judge and in public places they won’t
be looked at differently.


Another way, Martin Luther King Jr.
change the way we coexist is by, is by
helping the way people America votes today. 
Voting rights for
African Americans was another issue Civil Rights had. Minorities were
not able to vote. Only 3% of African Americans can vote. Peaceful protesters
in Alabama cities in Selma and Mairon where attacked by peace and demonstrating.
On paragraph
6, it states, “Congress was able to pass the voting right act in August 1965 this
outlawed the refusal of voting rights based on race.” This shows that since this voting right passed any race
can vote now people of any race today can vote without getting judged.


Martin Luther King Jr.
changed the way we coexist today by any race of any kind won’t get judged for
their race but for their accomplishments. As a result, now people of any race and vote without
being looked at. Also,
he gave everyone the ability to have equal opportunity.